Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 17.1. Courts of Record

Title 17.1. Courts of Record (2023 Updates)

  • Chapter 1. General Provisions
    • § 17.1-106
      Temporary recall of retired judges; evaluation
  • Chapter 2. Clerks, Clerks' Offices and Records
    • Article 8. Secure Remote Access
    • § 17.1-293.1
      (For contingent expiration date, see Acts 2021, Sp. Sess. I, cc. 524, 542) Online case information system. Exceptions should be removed
      § 17.1-293.1
      (For contingent effective date, see Acts 2021, Sp. Sess. I, cc. 524, 542) Online case information system; exceptions
  • Chapter 3. Supreme Court
    • Article 2. Compensation and Expenses; Fees
    • § 17.1-327
      Payment for services of retired judges; members of the State Corporation Commission and Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
  • Chapter 4. The Court of Appeals
    • § 17.1-405
      Appellate jurisdiction — Administrative agency, Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission, and civil matter appeals
      § 17.1-406
      Appeals in criminal matters; cases over which Court of Appeals does not have jurisdiction
  • Chapter 5. Circuit Courts
    • Article 1. Establishment; Jurisdiction; Etc
    • § 17.1-515.7
      Designation of certain courtrooms within twenty-fifth circuit for trial of certain cases
      § 17.1-525
      Certain information to be made available to certain defendants found not guilty
  • Chapter 6. Costs Generally
    • § 17.1-618
      Allowances for jurors; expenses of keeping jury together; fees of jury commissioners and commissioner in chancery for drawing of juries
  • Chapter 8. Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission
    • § 17.1-805.1
      Discretionary sentencing guideline midpoints for certain defendants
  • Chapter 9. Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission