Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 20. Domestic Relations

Title 20. Domestic Relations (2019 Updates)

  • Chapter 6. Divorce, Affirmation and Annulment
  • § 20-99.1:1
    How defendant may accept service; waive service
    § 20-106
    Testimony may be required to be given orally; evidence by affidavit
    § 20-107.3
    Court may decree as to property and debts of the parties
  • Chapter 6.1. Custody and Visitation Arrangements for Minor Children
  • § 20-124.3
    Best interests of the child; visitation
  • Chapter 9. Status of Children of Assisted Conception
  • § 20-156
    § 20-158
    Parentage of child resulting from assisted conception
    § 20-159
    Surrogacy contracts permissible
    § 20-160
    Petition and hearing for court approval of surrogacy contract; requirements; orders
    § 20-161
    Termination of court-approved surrogacy contract
    § 20-162
    Contracts not approved by the court; requirements
    § 20-163
    Miscellaneous provisions related to all surrogacy contracts
    § 20-165
    Surrogate brokers prohibited; penalty; liability of surrogate brokers
  • Chapter 10. Power of Attorney to Delegate Parental or Legal Custodial Powers
  • § 20-166
    Power of attorney to delegate parental or legal custodial powers
    § 20-167
    Statutory form for power of attorney to delegate parental or legal custodial powers