Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 19.2. Criminal Procedure

Title 19.2. Criminal Procedure (2018 Updates)

  • Chapter 1. General Provisions
  • Chapter 1.1. Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act
    • § 19.2-11.2
      Crime victim's right to nondisclosure of certain information; exceptions; testimonial privilege
  • Chapter 1.2. Physical Evidence Recovery Kits
    • § 19.2-11.8
      Submission of physical evidence recovery kits to the Department
  • Chapter 2. Conservators of the Peace and Special Policemen
    • Article 1. Appointment
    • § 19.2-13
      Special conservators of the peace; authority; jurisdiction; registration; liability of employers; penalty; report
  • Chapter 3. Magistrates
    • Article 5. Jurisdiction and Powers
    • § 19.2-45
      Powers enumerated
  • Chapter 5. Search Warrants
    • § 19.2-56
      To whom search warrant directed; what it shall command; warrant to show date and time of issuance; copy of affidavit to be part of warrant and served therewith; warrants not executed within 15 days
      § 19.2-56.2
      Application for and issuance of search warrant for a tracking device; installation and use
      § 19.2-60.1
      Use of unmanned aircraft systems by public bodies; search warrant required
  • Chapter 6. Interception of Wire, Electronic or Oral Communications
    • § 19.2-70.2
      Application for and issuance of order for a pen register or trap and trace device; assistance in installation and use
      § 19.2-70.3
      Obtaining records concerning electronic communication service or remote computing service
  • Chapter 7. Arrest
    • § 19.2-83.1
      Report of arrest of school employees and adult students for certain offenses
  • Chapter 9. Bail and Recognizances
    • Article 5. Pretrial Services Act
    • § 19.2-152.7
      Funding; failure to comply
  • Chapter 11. Proceedings on Question of Insanity
    • § 19.2-169.1
      Raising question of competency to stand trial or plead; evaluation and determination of competency
      § 19.2-169.5
      Evaluation of sanity at the time of the offense; disclosure of evaluation results
      § 19.2-169.6
      Inpatient psychiatric hospital admission from local correctional facility
  • Chapter 11.1. Disposition of Persons Acquitted by Reason of Insanity
    • § 19.2-182.2
      Verdict of acquittal by reason of insanity to state the fact; temporary custody and evaluation
      § 19.2-182.3
      Commitment; civil proceedings
  • Chapter 15. Trial and Its Incidents
    • Article 1. Jurisdiction
    • § 19.2-242
      Accused discharged from jail if not indicted in time
      § 19.2-244
      Venue in general
  • Chapter 16. Evidence and Witnesses
    • Article 1. In General
    • § 19.2-269.2
      Nondisclosure of addresses or telephone numbers of crime victims and witnesses
  • Chapter 17. Convictions; Effect Thereof
    • Article 1. Proof and Verdicts
    • § 19.2-289
      Conviction of petit larceny
      § 19.2-290
      Conviction of petit larceny though thing stolen worth $500 or more
  • Chapter 18. Sentence; Judgment; Execution of Sentence
    • Article 1. General Provisions
    • § 19.2-303.01
      Reduction of sentence; substantial assistance to prosecution
      § 19.2-305.1
      Restitution for property damage or loss; community service
      § 19.2-305.2
      Amount of restitution; enforcement
    • Article 1.1. DNA Analysis and Data Bank
    • § 19.2-310.2
      Blood, saliva, or tissue sample required for DNA analysis upon conviction of certain crimes; fee
  • Chapter 21. Recovery of Fines and Penalties
    • Article 1. Proceedings to Recover
    • § 19.2-341
      Penalties other than fines; how recovered; in what name; limitation of actions
    • Article 3. Collection and Disposition of Fines
    • § 19.2-349
      Responsibility for collections; clerks to report unsatisfied fines, etc.; duty of attorneys for Commonwealth; duties of Department of Taxation
    • Article 4. Payment of Fines and Costs on Installment Basis, Etc
    • § 19.2-354
      Authority of court to order payment of fine, costs, forfeitures, penalties or restitution in installments or upon other terms and conditions; community work in lieu of payment
      § 19.2-358
      Procedure on default in deferred payment or installment payment of fine, costs, forfeiture, restitution or penalty
  • Chapter 21.1. Compensating Victims of Crime
  • Chapter 23. Central Criminal Records Exchange
    • § 19.2-389
      Dissemination of criminal history record information
      § 19.2-389.1
      Dissemination of juvenile record information
      § 19.2-390
      Reports to be made by local law-enforcement officers, conservators of the peace, clerks of court, Secretary of the Commonwealth and Corrections officials to State Police; material submitted by other agencies
      § 19.2-392.02
      (Effective until July 1, 2019) National criminal background checks by businesses and organizations regarding employees or volunteers providing care to children or the elderly or disabled
      § 19.2-392.02
      (Effective July 1, 2019) National criminal background checks by businesses and organizations regarding employees or volunteers providing care to children or the elderly or disabled