Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 56. Public Service Companies

Title 56. Public Service Companies (2017 Updates)

  • Chapter 1. General Provisions
    • Article 1. In General
    • § 56-1.2
      Persons and school boards not designated as public utility, public service corporation, etc.
      § 56-1.2:1
      Retail sale of electricity in connection with the provision of electric vehicle charging service
  • Chapter 10. Heat, Light, Power, Water and Other Utility Companies Generally
    • Article 1. Definitions
    • § 56-232.2:1
      Regulation of electric vehicle charging service
    • Article 2. Services, Rates, Charges, Etc
    • § 56-235.11
      Retail rates of affiliated water utilities
      § 56-238
      Suspension of proposed rates, etc.; investigation; effectiveness of rates pending investigation and subject to bond; fixing reasonable rates, etc.
  • Chapter 10.1. Utility Facilities Act
    • § 56-265.2
      Certificate of convenience and necessity required for acquisition, etc., of new facilities
  • Chapter 15. Telegraph and Telephone Companies
    • Article 1. Erection of Lines; Rights-of-Way; Eminent Domain, Etc
    • § 56-466.2
      Undergrounding existing overhead distribution lines; relocation of facilities of cable operator
    • Article 7. Enhanced Public Safety Telephone Services Act
    • § 56-484.17
      Wireless E-911 Fund; uses of Fund; enforcement; audit required
  • Chapter 15.1. Wireless Communications Infrastructure
    • § 56-484.26
      § 56-484.27
      Access to the public rights-of-way by wireless services providers and wireless infrastructure providers; generally
      § 56-484.28
      Access to public rights-of-way operated and maintained by the Department for the installation and maintenance of small cell facilities on existing structures
      § 56-484.29
      Access to locality rights-of-way for installation and maintenance of small cell facilities on existing structures
      § 56-484.30
      Agreements for use of public right-of-way to construct new wireless support structures; relocation of wireless support structures
      § 56-484.31
      Attachment of small cell facilities on government-owned structures
  • Chapter 23. Virginia Electric Utility Regulation Act
    • § 56-585.1
      Generation, distribution, and transmission rates after capped rates terminate or expire
      § 56-585.1:3
      Pilot programs for community solar development
      § 56-594
      Net energy metering provisions
      § 56-594.2
      Small agricultural generators
  • Chapter 27. Qualified Projects of Natural Gas Utilities