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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 11. Gaming
Agency 20. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Charitable Gaming
Chapter 20. Charitable Gaming Regulations

11VAC20-20-30. Charitable gaming permit application process for raffles, bingo, paper pull-tabs, network bingo, paper instant bingo, and paper seal cards.

A. Any organization (i) anticipating gross gaming receipts from raffles that exceed the amount set forth in § 18.2-340.23 of the Code of Virginia or (ii) intending to operate and conduct bingo, electronic gaming, instant bingo, seal cards, pull-tabs, or network bingo shall complete a department-prescribed application to request issuance or renewal of an annual permit to conduct charitable gaming. Organizations shall submit a nonrefundable fee payable to the Treasurer of Virginia in the amount of $200 with the application, unless the organization is exempt from such fee pursuant to § 18.2-340.23 of the Code of Virginia.

B. The department may initiate action against any organization exempt from permit requirements when it reasonably believes the organization is not in compliance with the provisions of Charitable Gaming Law or regulations adopted pursuant thereto.

C. Permits shall be valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance or for a period specified on the permit. The department may issue permits for periods of less than one year.

D. Permits shall be granted only after a background investigation of an organization, interested persons, or both to ensure public safety and welfare as required by § 18.2-340.25 of the Code of Virginia. Investigations shall consider the nature, the age and severity, and the potential harm to public safety and welfare of any criminal offenses. The investigation may include the following:

1. A search of criminal history records for the chief executive officer and chief financial officer of the organization. Information and authorization to conduct these records checks shall be provided in the permit application. In addition, the department shall require that the organization provides assurances that all other members involved in the management, operation, or conduct of charitable gaming meet the requirements of subdivision 12 of § 18.2-340.33 of the Code of Virginia. Applications may be denied if:

a. Any person participating in the management of any charitable gaming has ever been:

(1) Convicted of a felony; or

(2) Convicted of any misdemeanor involving fraud, theft, or financial crimes within the preceding five years.

b. Any person participating in the conduct of charitable gaming has been:

(1) Convicted of any felony in the preceding 10 years; or

(2) Convicted of any misdemeanor involving fraud, theft, or financial crimes within the preceding five years;

2. An inquiry as to whether the organization has been granted tax-exempt status pursuant to § 501(c) by the Internal Revenue Service and is in compliance with IRS annual filing requirements;

3. An inquiry as to whether the organization has entered into any contract with, or has otherwise employed for compensation, any persons for the purpose of organizing or managing, operating, or conducting any charitable gaming activity;

4. Inquiries into the finances and activities of the organization and the sources and uses of funds;

5. Inquiries into the level of community or financial support to the organization and the level of community involvement in the membership and management of the organization; and

6. An inquiry as to whether the organization operates in accordance with the provisions of or is in violation of any provision of the Charitable Gaming Law or regulations promulgated pursuant thereto.

E. The permit application for an organization that has not previously held a permit shall include:

1. A copy of the articles of incorporation, bylaws, charter, constitution, or other appropriate organizing document;

2. A copy of the determination letter issued by the IRS under § 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, if appropriate, or a letter from the national office of an organization indicating the applicant organization is in good standing and is currently covered by a group exemption ruling. A letter of good standing is not required if the applicable national or state office has furnished the department with a listing of member organizations in good standing in the Commonwealth as of January 1 of each year and has agreed to promptly provide the department any changes to the listing as they occur;

3. A copy of the written lease or proposed written lease agreement and all other agreements if the organization rents or intends to rent a facility where bingo or electronic gaming is or will be conducted. Information on the lease shall include name, address, and telephone number of the landlord; maximum occupancy of the building; and the rental amount per session; and

4. An authorization by an officer or other appropriate official of the organization to permit the department to determine whether the organization has been investigated or examined by the IRS in connection with charitable gaming activities during the previous three years.

F. Any contracts or any other agreements with landlords, suppliers, network bingo providers, social organizations, or manufacturers to which the organization is or may be a party.

G. Copies of minutes of meetings of the organization may be requested by the department prior to rendering a permitting decision.

H. Organizations applying to renew a permit previously issued by the department shall submit articles of incorporation, bylaws, charter, constitution, or other organizing document; IRS determination letter; any new contract or agreement with a landlord, supplier, network bingo provider, social organization, or manufacturer to which the organization is or may be a party; and a copy of any lease with any landlord or social organization if there are any amendments or changes to these documents.

I. Organizations may request permits to conduct joint bingo games as provided in § 18.2-340.29 of the Code of Virginia.

1. In the case of a joint bingo game, each organization shall file a permit application.

2. The nonrefundable permit fee for joint bingo games shall be a total of $200. However, no permit application fee is due if each of the organizations is exempt from the application fee pursuant to § 18.2-340.23 of the Code of Virginia.

3. A single permit may be issued in the names of all the organizations conducting a joint bingo game. All restrictions and prohibitions applying to single organizations shall apply to qualified organizations jointly conducting bingo games pursuant to § 18.2-340.29 of the Code of Virginia.

4. No joint bingo game shall be conducted prior to the issuance of a joint permit.

5. Applications for joint bingo games shall include an explanation of the division of manpower, costs, and proceeds for the joint bingo game.

J. An organization wishing to change dates, times, or locations of its charitable gaming shall request an amendment to its permit. Amendment requests shall be made in writing on a form prescribed by the department in advance of the proposed effective date.

K. An organization may cancel its charitable gaming due to inclement weather, disasters, or other circumstances outside the organization's control without an amendment to its permit.

L. An organization may sell raffle tickets for a drawing to be held outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States provided:

1. The raffle is conducted by the organization in conjunction with a meeting outside the Commonwealth of Virginia or with another organization that is licensed to conduct raffles outside the Commonwealth of Virginia;

2. The raffle is conducted in accordance with this chapter and the laws and regulations of the state where the drawing is to be held; and

3. The portion of the proceeds derived from the sale of raffle tickets in the Commonwealth is reported to the department.

M. Any permitted organization that ceases to conduct charitable gaming shall immediately notify the department in writing and provide the department a report as to the disposition of all unused charitable gaming supplies or electronic gaming devices on a form prescribed by the department.

Statutory Authority

§ 18.2-340.15 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 39, Issue 14, eff. March 29, 2023.

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