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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 16. Labor And Employment
Agency 15. Department of Labor And Industry
Chapter 30. Virginia Rules and Regulations Declaring Hazardous Occupations

16VAC15-30-110. Occupations involving slaughtering, meat-packing, or processing, or rendering.

The following occupations in or about slaughtering and meat-packing establishments, rendering plants, or wholesale, retail, or service establishments are prohibited:

1. All occupations on the killing floor, in curing cellars, and in hide cellars, except work of messengers, runners, hand-truckers, and similar occupations which require entering such workrooms or workplaces infrequently and for short periods of time.

2. All occupations involved in the recovery of lard and oils, except packaging and shipping of such products and the operations of lard-roll machines.

3. All occupations involved in tankage or rendering of dead animals, animal offal, animal fats, scrap meats, blood, and bones into stock feeds, tallow, inedible greases, fertilizer ingredients, and similar products.

4. All occupations involved in the operation or feeding of the following power-driven meat-processing machines, including the occupation of setting up, adjusting, repairing, oiling, or cleaning such machines: meat patty forming machines, meat and bone cutting saws, knives, power-driven slicing machines (*except bacon-slicing machines), head splitters, and guillotine cutters; snout pullers and jaw pullers; skinning machines; horizontal rotary washing machines; casing-cleaning machines such as crushing, stripping, and finishing machines; and, grinding, mixing, chopping, and hashing machines, and presses.

5. All boning occupations.

6. All occupations that involve the pushing or dropping of any suspended carcass, half carcass, or quarter carcass.

7. All occupations involving hand- lifting or hand-carrying any carcass or half carcass of beef, pork, or horse, or any quarter carcass of beef or horse.

*Note: The term "bacon-slicing machine" as used in this restriction refers to those machines which are designed solely for the purpose of slicing bacon and are equipped with enclosure or barrier guards that prevent the operator from coming in contact with the blade or blades, and with devices for automatic feeding, slicing, shingling, stacking, and conveying the sliced bacon away from the point of operation.


The exemptions for properly certified apprentices and student-learners apply to this restriction.

Note: This restriction shall not apply to the killing and processing of poultry, rabbits, or small game in areas physically separated from the "killing floor."

Statutory Authority

§ 40.1-100 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR425-01-77 § 9, eff. October 15, 1979; rev. June 30, 1981.

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