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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 2. Agriculture
Agency 5. Department of Agriculture And Consumer Services
Chapter 390. Rules and Regulations for the Enforcement of the Virginia Seed Law

2VAC5-390-50. Agricultural seeds.

A. Agricultural seeds are the seed of the following:

Alfalfa -- Medicago sativa

Barley -- Hordeum vulgare

Beet, Sugar -- Beta vulgaris


Bentgrass, colonial -- Agrostis tenuis

Bentgrass, creeping -- Agrostis stolonifera var. palustris

Bentgrass, velvet -- Agrostis canina

Bermudagrass -- Except as specified in 2VAC5-390-20 of this chapter.

Common -- Cynodon dactylon var. dactylon

Giant -- Cynodon dactylon var. aridus


Canada -- Poa compressa

Kentucky -- Poa pratensis

Rough -- Poa trivialis

Wood -- Poa nemoralis

Brome, smooth -- Bromus inermis

Broomcorn -- Sorghum bicolor

Buckwheat -- Fagopyrum esculentum

Canarygrass, reed -- Phalaris arundinacea

Carpetgrass -- Axonopus affinis


Alsike -- Trifolium hybridum

Crimson -- Trifolium incarnatum

Red -- Trifolium pratense

Sweet -- (See Sweet Clover)

White -- Trifolium repens including the var. Ladino


Field -- Zea mays

Pop -- Zea mays var. everta

Cotton -- Gossypium spp.

Cowpea -- Vigna unguiculata subsp. unguiculata

Crambe -- Crambe abyssinica

Crownvetch -- Coronilla varia

Dallisgrass -- Paspalum dilatatum


Chewings -- Festuca rubra var. commutata

Hard -- Festuca trachyphylla

Meadow -- Festuca pratensis

Red -- Festuca rubra subsp. rubra

Sheep -- Festuca ovina

Tall -- Festuca arundinacea


Bicolor -- Lespedeza bicolor

Korean -- Lespedeza stipulacea

Sericea -- Lespedeza cuneata

Striate -- Lespedeza striata

Millet, browntop -- Brachiaria ramosa

Millet, Italian -- Setaria italica

Millet, Japanese -- Echinochloa crusgalli var. frumentacea

Millet, pearl -- Pennisetum americanum

Millet, proso -- Panicum miliaceum

Oat -- Avena spp.

Oatgrass, tall -- Arrhenatherum elatius

Orchardgrass -- Dactylis glomerata

Pea, field -- Pisum sativum

Peanut -- Arachis hypogaea

Rape, winter -- Brassica napus var. biennis

Redtop -- Agrostis gigantea

Rye -- Secale cereale

Ryegrass, annual or Italian -- Lolium multiflorum

Ryegrass, intermediate -- Lolium X hybridum

Ryegrass, perennial -- Lolium perenne

Sorghum, grain and sweet -- Sorghum bicolor

Sorghum, Sudangrass hybrid -- Sorghum bicolor X Sorghum sudanense

Soybeans -- Glycine max

Sudangrass -- Sorghum sudanense

Sunflower -- Helianthus annuus

Sweet Clover:

White -- Melilotus alba

Yellow -- Melilotus officinalis

Timothy -- Phleum pratense

Tobacco -- Nicotiana tabacum

Trefoil, Birdsfoot -- Lotus corniculatus

Triticale -- Triticosecale

Vetch, hairy -- Vicia villosa subsp. villosa

Wheat -- Triticum aestivum

B. Kinds not listed under subsection A. Any kind of seed not listed under subsection A of this section or in 2VAC5-390-90 when present incidentally in seed samples of the kinds so listed shall be considered to be a weed seed unless such kind is classified solely as a crop seed by the Association of Official Seed Analysts in its handbook "Uniform Classification of Weed and Crop Seeds."

Statutory Authority

§ 3.2-4001 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR115-04-09 § 5, eff. November 13, 1985; amended, Virginia Register Volume 2, Issue 4, eff. December 24, 1985; Volume 2, Issue 17, eff. June 25, 1986; Volume 3, Issue 1, eff. November 12, 1986; Volume 7, Issue 7, eff. January 31, 1991.

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