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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 20. Public Utilities and Telecommunications
Agency 5. State Corporation Commission
Chapter 314. Regulations Governing Interconnection of Small Electrical Generators

20VAC5-314-50. Levels 2 and 3 Interconnection Request General Requirements.

A. The interconnection customer shall submit a completed Levels 2 and 3 Interconnection Request Form (Schedule 4 of 20VAC5-314-170 to the utility, with the processing fee or deposit specified in the Interconnection Request Form. The Interconnection Request Form shall be date- and time-stamped upon receipt by the utility. The date- and time-stamp of a completed Interconnection Request Form shall be used as the qualifying date- and time-stamp for the purposes of any timetable in these procedures. The interconnection customer shall be notified of receipt by the utility within three business days of receiving the interconnection request, which notification may be by US mail, email address, or fax number provided by the IC.

The utility shall notify the interconnection customer within 10 business days of the receipt of the Interconnection Request Form as to whether the Interconnection Request Form is complete or incomplete. If the Interconnection Request Form is incomplete, the utility shall so notify the IC, including a written list detailing all information that must be provided to complete the Interconnection Request Form.

The interconnection customer shall have 10 business days after receipt of the notice of incomplete information to submit the listed information or to request an extension of time to provide such information. If the IC does not provide the listed information or a request for an extension of time within the deadline, the Interconnection Request Form will be deemed withdrawn.

The utility shall provide a copy of the final completed date- and time-stamped Interconnection Request Form to the commission's Division of Energy Regulation.

B. Any material modification to machine data or equipment configuration or to the interconnection site of the small generating facility as specified in the Interconnection Request Form but not agreed to in writing by the utility and the IC may be deemed a withdrawal of the Interconnection Request Form and may require submission of a new Interconnection Request Form, unless proper notification of each party by the other and a reasonable time to cure the problems created by the changes are undertaken.

C. Site control documentation must be submitted with the Interconnection Request Form. Any information appearing in public records may not be labeled Confidential. (Confidential information is discussed in 20VAC5-314-110.) Site control may be demonstrated through:

1. Ownership of, a leasehold interest in, or a right to develop a site for the purpose of constructing the small generating facility;

2. An option to purchase or acquire a leasehold site for such purpose;

3. An exclusivity or other business relationship between the interconnection customer and the entity having the right to sell, lease, or grant the IC the right to possess or occupy a site for such purpose;

4. An existing permanent service metered account with the utility at the site and in the name of the IC.

D. The utility shall place interconnection requests into a first-come, first-served queue that is based on the interconnection's distribution feeder and distribution substation. The queue position shall be based upon the date- and time-stamp of the completed Interconnection Request Form. The queue position of an interconnection request will be used to determine the cost responsibility for the necessary upgrades. At the utility's option, interconnection requests may be studied serially or in clusters for the purpose of the system impact study.

E. The utility shall not be required to maintain an interconnection with an SGF if the SGF or associated equipment is found to be out of compliance with the codes, standards and certification applicable to the SGF.

Statutory Authority

§§ 12.1-13 and 56-578 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Volume 25, Issue 20, eff. May 21, 2009.

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