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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 4. Conservation And Natural Resources
Agency 15. Department of Wildlife Resources
Chapter 400. Watercraft: Accident and Casualty Reporting

FORMS (4VAC15-400).

Crossbow Application (rev. 7/22/96).

Virginia state resident hunting license.

Special application for domicile resident licenses and permits to hunt, fish or trap in Virginia.

Resident bear-deer-turkey hunting license.

Resident bonus deer permit.

Virginia nonresident bear-deer-turkey hunting license.

Nonresident bonus deer permit.

Nonresident 3 day trip hunting license.

Virginia national forest hunting permit.

Nonresident hunting license.

Resident junior hunting license.

Virginia county or city resident hunting license.

State resident muzzleloading hunting license.

Resident junior bear-deer-turkey license.

Resident 65-and-older hunting license.

Resident archery hunting license.

Nonresident archery hunting license.

Stationary blind hunting permit.

Floating blind hunting permit.

Nonresident shooting preserve license.

Nonresident muzzleloading hunting license.

DGIF license sales agent hunting certificates sales report.

Application for state resident disabled veteran's lifetime state license to hunt and fish in inland waters (eff. 5/01).

Resident disabled veteran's permanent state license to hunt and fish.

Permit for persons permanently unable to walk to shoot from a stationary vehicle, LAW-28A (eff. 8/94).

Physician's affirmation as to one's permanent inability to walk.

State resident license to trap.

Virginia county or city residence license to trap.

State resident age 65-and-older license to trap.

Nonresident trapping license.

Resident fresh water fishing license.

Resident fishing license renewal application.

State non-resident fresh water fishing license.

County or city resident fresh water fishing license.

State resident trout fresh water fishing license.

State non-resident trout fresh water fishing license.

National forest certificate.

State non-resident fresh water 5-day fishing license.

65 and over state resident fresh water fishing license.

State resident fresh water 5-day fishing license.

Individual saltwater sport fishing license.

Temporary 10-day saltwater sport fishing license.

Saltwater boat sport fishing license.

Fishing certificates sales report, #79-F1 (eff. 1/95).

Application for disabled resident special lifetime hunting, fresh water, or saltwater fishing license. (eff. 6/93).

Disabled resident hunting and fresh water fishing license physicians' affidavit.

Disabled resident special lifetime fishing license.

Disabled resident special lifetime fishing and hunting license.

Application for lifetime hunting and/or lifetime fresh water fishing licenses. (eff. 10/94).

Resident special lifetime hunting and fishing license.

Resident special lifetime hunting license.

Resident special lifetime fishing license.

Non-resident lifetime fishing license.

Non-resident lifetime hunting license.

Non-resident hunting, fresh water, saltwater recreational fishing license order form. (eff. 10/94).

Nonresident application for permit to deal in furs.

Annual raw fur dealer's report. (eff. 6/94).

Nonresident permit to deal in furs.

Resident application for permit to deal in furs. (eff. 6/94).

Resident application to deal in furs.

Application for field trial permit. (eff. 8/94).

Raccoon hound field trial permit conditions.

Application for establishing a licensed shooting preserve. (eff. 7/94)

Shooting preserve annual report.

Striped bass fishing tournament data sheet.

Competitive freshwater fishing tournament notice. (eff. 7/1/93).

Competitive freshwater fishing tournament data summary.

Special guest fishing license application.

Nonresident complimentary fishing license.

Special guest fishing license.

Application for Virginia freshwater fish citation. (eff. 8/1/93).

Fish stocking permit (to stock fish in Virginia inland waters).

Application for authorization to establish a regulated trout fishing preserve. (eff. 2/7/94).

Trout fishing preserve annual report.

Application for enrollment in the community fishing clinics program.

Application for fallow deer farming permit. (eff. 6/94).

Deer management assistance program application.

Official kill permit, to kill wild animals during closed season. (eff. 5/93).

Request for certification in the Virginia DGIF wildlife habitat program. (eff. 6/94).

Application for permit to stuff and mount birds, animals or fish and parts thereof for sale or compensation.

Permit to stuff or mount birds, animals, or fish.

Application for scientific collection or salvage permit (to collect fish or wildlife for scientific purposes or salvage fish or wildlife for scientific or educational purposes).

Scientific collection/salvage permit supplemental amendment form.

Application for Virginia endangered species permit.

Non-native (exotic) animal permit.

Application for wolf-hybrid permit. (eff. 6/94).

Application/permit wildlife rehabilitator.

Application/permit to propagate for private use certain game and migratory game birds.

Brood stock reports (species, number, and origin of brood stock for certain game and migratory game birds).

Application/permit to propagate and sell certain wildlife.

Brood stock report (species, number, and origin of brood stock for certain amphibians and reptiles).

Annual reporting form for propagating and selling certain wildlife (permitted tilapia, frogs, snakes, game birds, game animals, and furbearers).

Application/permit to exhibit wild animals.

Application/permit to import certain non-native (exotic) wildlife into Virginia.

Application/permit to hold and sell certain fish, snakes, snapping turtles, crayfish, and hellgrammites for sale.

Annual reporting form for propagating certain wildlife for private use.

Exotic species application/permit to import certified triploid grass carp for aquatic vegetation control in private ponds.

Application for motorboat certificate of number/certificate of title, #BRT10/94-100M.

Affidavit covering repossession of vessel title number.

Application for marine event.

Application to transfer saltwater recreational boat license.

Application for duplicate certificate of (watercraft) title, #BC/DCT9/93-2M.

Boating education notice/course application.

Statement of authorization to add or delete a (boat) purchaser(s).

Affidavit of compliance for enforcement of liens on vessels under a judicial order (appraised value of $3001 and over).

Affidavit of compliance for enforcement of liens on vessels under a judicial order (appraised value of $3000 or less).

(Boat) length certificate affidavit.

Affidavit of authority to transfer registration/title of a watercraft; procedure to transfer a Virginia certificate of title/registration when watercraft owner is deceased.

Procedure to acquire title/registration on an abandoned vessel; affidavit; sample letter; sample notice.

Statement of missing title and assignment of title to a vessel, SMT-3/94-2M.

Stolen boat, motor, and trailer report.

Application for supplemental lien or transfer of lien.

Affidavit for transfer when watercraft certificate of title is lost, etc. (eff. 4/89).

Affidavit for transfer of certificate of number (registration) when bill of sale is not available from last registered owner. (eff. 4/89).

Application for establishment of regulatory markers on public waters of Virginia.

(Public boating landing) Special use permit.

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