Administrative Code

Virginia Administrative Code

Part III. Standards of Conduct

18VAC60-25-110. Patient records; confidentiality.

A. A dental hygienist shall be responsible for accurate and complete information in patient records for those services provided by a hygienist or a dental assistant under direction to include the following:

1. Patient's name on each page in the patient record;

2. A health history taken at the initial appointment, which is updated when local anesthesia or nitrous oxide/inhalation analgesia is to be administered and when medically indicated and at least annually;

3. Options discussed and oral or written consent for any treatment rendered with the exception of prophylaxis;

4. List of drugs administered and the route of administration, quantity, dose, and strength;

5. Radiographs, digital images, and photographs clearly labeled with the patient's name, date taken, and teeth identified;

6. A notation or documentation of an order required for treatment of a patient by a dental hygienist practicing under general supervision as required in 18VAC60-25-60 C; and

7. Notation of each treatment rendered, date of treatment, and the identity of the dentist and the dental hygienist providing service.

B. A dental hygienist shall comply with the provisions of § 32.1-127.1:03 of the Code related to the confidentiality and disclosure of patient records. A dental hygienist shall not willfully or negligently breach the confidentiality between a practitioner and a patient. A breach of confidentiality that is required or permitted by applicable law or beyond the control of the hygienist shall not be considered negligent or willful.

C. A dental hygienist practicing under remote supervision shall document in the patient record that he has obtained (i) the patient's or the patient's legal representative's signature on a statement disclosing that the delivery of dental hygiene services under remote supervision is not a substitute for the need for regular dental examinations by a dentist and (ii) verbal confirmation from the patient that the patient does not have a dentist of record whom he is seeing regularly.

Statutory Authority

§ 54.1-2400 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 32, Issue 5, eff. December 2, 2015; amended, Virginia Register Volume 33, Issue 4, eff. November 16, 2016; Volume 34, Issue 1, eff. October 4, 2017.

18VAC60-25-120. Acts constituting unprofessional conduct.

The following practices shall constitute unprofessional conduct within the meaning of § 54.1-2706 of the Code:

1. Fraudulently obtaining, attempting to obtain, or cooperating with others in obtaining payment for services.

2. Performing services for a patient under terms or conditions that are unconscionable. The board shall not consider terms unconscionable where there has been a full and fair disclosure of all terms and where the patient entered the agreement without fraud or duress.

3. Misrepresenting to a patient and the public the materials or methods and techniques the licensee uses or intends to use.

4. Committing any act in violation of the Code reasonably related to the practice of dentistry and dental hygiene.

5. Delegating any service or operation that requires the professional competence of a dentist or dental hygienist to any person who is not a licensee or registrant as authorized by this chapter.

6. Certifying completion of a dental procedure that has not actually been completed.

7. Violating or cooperating with others in violating provisions of Chapter 1 (§ 54.1-100 et seq.) or 24 (§ 54.1-2400 et seq.) of Title 54.1 of the Code or the Drug Control Act (§ 54.1-3400 et seq. of the Code).

Statutory Authority

§ 54.1-2400 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from Virginia Register Volume 32, Issue 5, eff. December 2, 2015.

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