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Virginia Administrative Code

Chapter 100. Rules and Regulations for the Administration of Parking Lots and Environs

24VAC30-100-10. Parking lots and environs.

A. While in this area all persons shall be subject to such regulations as the commissioner may designate by posted signs or public notice posted within the area.

B. No vehicle shall be parked in such a manner as to occupy more than one parking space.

C. No person shall paste, attach or place on any vehicle parked in this lot any bill, advertisement or inscription whatsoever.

D. No bottles, broken glass, ashes, waste paper, or other rubbish shall be left within this area except in such receptacles as may be provided for the same.

E. No person shall pick any flowers, foliage, or fruit; or cut, break, dig up or in any way mutilate or injure any tree, shrub, plant, grass, turf, fence, structure, or anything within this area; or cut, carve, paint, mark, paste, or in any way attach on any tree, stone fence, wall, building, or other object therein, any bill, advertisement, or inscription whatsoever.

F. No person shall disturb or injure any bird, birds' nest or eggs, or any squirrel or other animal within this area.

G. No threatening, abusive, boisterous, insulting or indecent language, or gesture shall be used within this area; furthermore, no oration or other public demonstration be made, except by permit from the commissioner.

H. No person shall offer any article or thing for sale within this area except by permission of the commissioner.

I. Mobile food vending.

1. Mobile food vending shall be allowed within commuter lots in Planning District 8 except lots that meet at least one of the following conditions:

a. Commuter lots or the portions thereof determined to be part of the interstate system.

b. Commuter lots that, as of last Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) survey, had occupancy rates of 98% or higher, except that mobile food vending may be permitted in such lots (i) if a paved area, the use of which does not include one or more parking spaces or block one or more parking spaces, is available within the lot; (ii) if vending is from a nonmotorized cart on sidewalks, provided that the vehicle used to transport the cart is not parked within the commuter lot; or (iii) on weekends.

c. Commuter lots that have been requested by the locality to not be made available for mobile food vending.

2. Permission for mobile food vending shall be granted through a land use permit issued to the mobile food vendor in accordance with the Land Use Permit Regulations (24VAC30-151).

3. In order for a mobile food vendor to be granted or to retain a land use permit for mobile food vending at commuter lots pursuant to this subsection, the vendor must comply with all of the following:

a. All relevant locality and Department of Health policies and requirements for mobile food vending.

b. All land use permit conditions and requirements set forth within or attached to the land use permit, which may include provisions relating to the location of the vending unit, the collection and disposal of litter, a limitation on vending times, a requirement for minimum insurance, and the provision of surety.

c. Posted signs or public notices setting out regulations or requirements for the use of commuter lots.

d. Mobile food vending shall be conducted with pedestrians only and shall not be conducted with occupants of vehicles.

e. Neither the mobile food vendor nor the vendor's operation shall interfere with the operation of the commuter lot and the safety of the lot's users, and the determination of whether the mobile food vendor or the vendor's operation is interfering with the operation of the commuter lot or the safety of the lot's users shall be solely within the discretion of VDOT.

f. The mobile food vendor shall post no advertising within or upon the grounds of the commuter lot. Advertising on the mobile food vending unit (vehicle, trailer, or pushcart), promoting the products or services offered by the mobile food vendor at that mobile food vending unit, is not considered a violation of this section.

Failure to comply with this subdivision 3 will result in the revocation of the permit.

J. Except as authorized by the terms of a land use permit issued to a mobile food vendor, no person shall light, kindle, or use any fire within this area.

K. No person shall discharge or set off within this area, any firearms or fireworks, except by permit from the commissioner.

L. Any person violating any of the preceding rules and regulations shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, be fined not less than five dollars nor more than $100 for each offense.

Statutory Authority

§§ 33.2-118 and 33.2-210 of the Code of Virginia.

Historical Notes

Derived from VR385-01-11 § 1, eff. March 8, 1995; amended, Virginia Register Volume 34, Issue 25, eff. September 5, 2018.

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