Administrative Code

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Virginia Administrative Code
Title 24. Transportation And Motor Vehicles

Agency 30. Department of Transportation

Agency Summary
Chapter 10
Public Participation Guidelines [Repealed]
Chapter 11
Public Participation Guidelines
Chapter 15
Delegation of Duties [Repealed]
Chapter 16
Internal Audit Charter [Repealed]
Chapter 17
Solicitation and Use of Vdot Buildings and Grounds for Nonwork Purposes [Repealed]
Chapter 20
General Rules and Regulations of the Commonwealth Transportation Board [Repealed]
Chapter 21
General Rules and Regulations of the Commonwealth Transportation Board
Chapter 30
Fares for the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry [Repealed]
Chapter 40
Rules and Regulations Governing Relocation Assistance [Repealed]
Chapter 41
Rules and Regulations Governing Relocation Assistance
Chapter 45
Appraisal Fee Regulations [Repealed]
Chapter 50
Rules and Regulations for the Administration of Waysides and Rest Areas
Chapter 60
Hazardous Materials Transportation Rules and Regulations at Bridge-Tunnel Facilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia [Repealed]
Chapter 61
Rules and Regulations Governing the Transportation of Hazardous Materials Through Bridge-Tunnel Facilities
Chapter 70
Minimum Standards of Entrances to State Highways [Repealed]
Chapter 71
Minimum Standards of Entrances to State Highways [Repealed]
Chapter 72
Access Management Regulations: Principal Arterials [Repealed]
Chapter 73
Access Management Regulations
Chapter 80
State Noise Abatement Policy [Repealed]
Chapter 90
Subdivision Street Requirements [Repealed]
Chapter 91
Subdivision Street Requirements
Chapter 92
Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements
Chapter 100
Rules and Regulations for the Administration of Parking Lots and Environs
Chapter 110
Hauling Permit Manual [Repealed]
Chapter 111
Hauling Permit Manual [Repealed]
Chapter 120
Rules and Regulations Controlling Outdoor Advertising and Directional and Other Signs and Notices
Chapter 121
Comprehensive Roadside Management Program
Chapter 130
Rules Governing Prequalification and Classification [Repealed]
Chapter 140
Chapter 150
Land Use Permit Manual [Repealed]
Chapter 151
Land Use Permit Regulations
Chapter 155
Traffic Impact Analysis Regulations
Chapter 160
Rules and Regulations to Comply with the Setoff Debt Collection Act [Repealed]
Chapter 170
Rules and Regulations Governing the Use, Operation and Maintenance of State-Owned Fleet Vehicles [Repealed]
Chapter 180
Rules and Regulations Governing the Use of a Centralized Fleet Vehicle for Commuting [Repealed]
Chapter 190
Rules and Regulations Governing the Purchase or Lease of Motor Vehicles with Public Funds [Repealed]
Chapter 200
Vegetation Control Regulations on State Rights-of-Way
Chapter 210
Policy on Placing Utilities Underground [Repealed]
Chapter 220
Virginia Alternative Fuels Revolving Fund Regulations [Repealed]
Chapter 230
Rules and Regulations Governing the Registration of Subcontractors [Repealed]
Chapter 240
Certification Procedures for the Disadvantaged and Women-Owned Business Program [Repealed]
Chapter 250
Guidelines for the Procurement and Management of Professional Services [Repealed]
Chapter 260
Debarment of Bidders [Repealed]
Chapter 270
Industrial Access Program Guide [Repealed]
Chapter 271
Economic Development Access Fund Policy [Repealed]
Chapter 280
Revenue Sharing Program [Repealed]
Chapter 281
Revenue-Sharing Program Policy [Repealed]
Chapter 290
Guide for Additions, Abandonments and Discontinuances [Repealed]
Chapter 300
Recreational Access Guide [Repealed]
Chapter 301
Recreational Access Fund Policy [Repealed]
Chapter 310
Virginia Supplement to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices [Repealed]
Chapter 315
Standards for Use of Traffic Control Devices to Classify, Designate, Regulate, and Mark State Highways
Chapter 320
Urban Division Manual, Chapter II [Repealed]
Chapter 325
Urban Maintenance and Construction Policy
Chapter 330
Urban Division Manual, Chapter III [Repealed]
Chapter 340
Debarment or Suspension of Contractors [Repealed]
Chapter 350
Administrative Manual/Procurement and Surplus Property Manual [Repealed]
Chapter 360
Notice of Reduction of Weight Limits (Posted Structures Report M-50) [Repealed]
Chapter 370
Copyright Dates of Vdot Properties [Repealed]
Chapter 380
Public Hearings for Location and Design of Highway Construction Projects
Chapter 390
Virginia Scenic Highways and Byways [Repealed]
Chapter 400
Disposal of Limited Access Control [Repealed]
Chapter 401
Change of Limited Access Control
Chapter 410
Professional and Nonprofessional Services [Repealed]
Chapter 420
Operation and Maintenance of Roads in Incorporated Towns Less Than 3,500 [Repealed]
Chapter 430
Maintenance of Roads Crossing the Interstate System [Repealed]
Chapter 440
Recreational Access Funding [Repealed]
Chapter 450
Airport Access Program [Repealed]
Chapter 451
Airport Access Fund Policy [Repealed]
Chapter 460
Industrial Access Funding [Repealed]
Chapter 470
Criteria for Transferring Secondary Roads to Primary System [Repealed]
Chapter 480
Arterial Networks [Repealed]
Chapter 490
Roads in the Grounds of State Institutions [Repealed]
Chapter 500
Roads in the Grounds of State Parks [Repealed]
Chapter 510
Frontage Roads [Repealed]
Chapter 520
Classifying and Marking State Highways [Repealed]
Chapter 530
Roadway and Structure Lighting [Repealed]
Chapter 540
Conveyance of Land and Disposal of Improvements
Chapter 550
Guidelines for the Logo Program [Repealed]
Chapter 551
Integrated Directional Signing Program (Idsp) Participation Criteria
Chapter 560
Uniform Traffic Control Devices [Repealed]
Chapter 561
Adoption of the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices [Repealed]
Chapter 570
Procedures for Inclusion of Routes into the Non-Interstate Qualifying Network and Virginia Access Systems [Repealed]
Chapter 580
Guidelines for Considering Requests for Restricting Through Trucks on Primary and Secondary Highways
Chapter 590
Policies and Procedures for Control of Residential and Non-Residential Cut-Through Traffic [Repealed]
Chapter 600
Terms for Installation and Cost of Supplemental Signs Erected by Vdot [Repealed]
Chapter 610
List of Differentiated Speed Limits [Repealed]
Chapter 620
Rules, Regulations, and Rates Concerning Toll and Bridge Facilities
Chapter 630
Rules Governing Person with Disability Traffic Signs

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