Colonial Beach, Town of

County of Westmoreland

History of incorporation

Incorporated by an 1891-92 Act of Assembly.

Charter, 1892, c. 373; repealed 1960, c. 261.

Current charter

Charter, 1960, c. 261.

Amendments to current charter

1970, c. 488 (§§ 3, 4)

1984, c. 211 (§§ 3, 5 [repealed], 6, 7)

1993, cc. 508, 516 (§ 3)

2007, c. 185 (§§ 3, 4)

2008, c. 342 (§ 4)

2022, c. 227 (§ 4)

§ 1. That Colonial Beach, in the County of Westmoreland, shall constitute and continue a body politic and corporate. (1960, c. 261)

§ 2. The boundaries of said town shall be as set forth in Chapter 373 of the Acts of Assembly of 1892 and as enlarged by order of the Circuit Court of Westmoreland County, duly entered in Common Law Order Book 6, at page 392, and duly recorded in the Clerk's Office of Westmoreland County, Virginia, in Deed Book 169, at pages 319 and 320. (1960, c. 261)

§ 3. (a) The administration and government of the town shall be vested in a council, composed of a mayor and six councilmen, all of whom shall be qualified electors of the town and all of whom shall be elected as hereafter provided.

At the regular municipal election in 1994, there shall be elected a mayor and six councilmen.

The mayor shall serve for a term of two years and thereafter shall serve four-year terms.

The three councilmen receiving the highest number of votes shall serve four-year terms and the remaining three councilmen shall serve two-year terms.

In 1996 and thereafter, all councilmen shall serve four-year terms.

Elections shall be held at the time and conducted in the manner provided for by general law.

(b) Any vacancy in the office of mayor or councilmen or shall be filled within thirty days, for the unexpired term, by a majority vote of the town council provided that if the term of office to be filled does not expire for two years or more after the next regular election, following such vacancy and such vacancy occurs in time to permit it, then the council shall fill such vacancy only for the period then remaining until such election, and a qualified person shall then be elected by the qualified voters and shall from and after the date of his election and qualification succeed such appointee and serve the unexpired term. (1960, c. 261; 1970, c. 488; 1984, c. 211; 1993, cc. 508, 516; 2007, c. 185)

§ 4. (a) The council may appoint a clerk, a town attorney and such other officers (including those in subsection (b) of this section) as well as such other committees of the council and create such boards and departments as it deems necessary or proper, and define their duties and functions; such persons so appointed, as set out above, shall hold office during the pleasure of the council and shall give bond as the council requires and shall receive such compensation as the council prescribes.

(b) The council shall establish and maintain a police department that shall be under the supervision of a chief of police, who shall be appointed by the town manager and serve at the pleasure of the town manager. (1960, c. 261; 1970, c. 488; 2007, c. 185; 2008, c. 342; 2022, c. 227)

§ 5. (1960, c. 261; repealed 1984, c. 211)

§ 6. Pursuant to § 22.1-25 of the Code of Virginia, the Town of Colonial Beach shall be and is hereby continued as a school division. The school board for such school division shall be appointed by the governing body of the town and shall consist of five members. Members shall be appointed for three-year terms except as provided for hereinafter. Terms shall commence on July 1. A vacancy occurring on the school board at any time other than by expiration of term shall be filled by the governing body for the unexpired term. Within thirty days preceding July 1 of each year, the governing body shall appoint a successor or successors for each member whose term expires on June thirtieth of that year; provided in 1984 there shall be appointed three members, two members to serve three-year terms and one member to serve a one-year term. The person serving the one-year term shall be selected by lot. Thereafter, all terms shall be for three years. (1960, c. 261; 1984, c. 211)

§ 7. The powers set forth in §§ 15.1-837 through 15.1-907 of the Code of Virginia are hereby conferred on and vested in the Town of Colonial Beach. (1960, c. 261; 1984, c. 211)

§ 8. All ordinances now in force in the Town of Colonial Beach not consistent with this charter shall be and remain in full force and effect until altered, amended or repealed by the council of the town after the effective date of this act. (1960, c. 261)