Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 13.1. Corporations
Chapter 12. Virginia Limited Liability Company Act

§ 13.1-1003. Filing requirements.

A. A document shall satisfy the requirements of this section, and of any other section that adds to or varies these requirements, to be entitled to be filed with the Commission.

B. The document shall be one that this chapter requires or permits to be filed with the Commission.

C. The document shall contain the information required by this chapter. It may contain other information as well.

D. The document shall be typewritten or printed or, if electronically transmitted, shall be in a format that can be retrieved or reproduced in typewritten or printed form. The typewritten or printed portion shall be in black. Photocopies, or other reproduced copies, of typewritten or printed documents may be filed. In every case, information in the document shall be legible and the document shall be capable of being reformatted and reproduced in copies of archival quality.

E. The document shall be in the English language. A limited liability company name need not be in English if written in English letters or Arabic or Roman numerals. The articles of organization, duly authenticated by the official having custody of the applicable records in the state or country under whose law the limited liability company is formed, which are required of foreign limited liability companies, need not be in English if accompanied by a reasonably authenticated English translation.

F. The document shall be signed in the name of the domestic or foreign limited liability company:

1. By any manager or other person who has been delegated the right and power to manage the business and affairs of the limited liability company, or if no managers or such other persons have been selected, by any member of the limited liability company;

2. If the limited liability company has not been formed, or has been formed without any managers or members and no members have been admitted, by an organizer;

3. In the case of a foreign limited liability company, by a person who is authorized to sign an amendment to the articles of organization or other constituent documents delivered for filing to the Secretary of State or other official having custody of limited liability company records in the state or other jurisdiction under whose law it is formed; or

4. If the limited liability company is in the hands of a receiver, trustee, or other court-appointed fiduciary, by that fiduciary.

G. The person executing the document shall sign it and state beneath or opposite his signature his name and the capacity in which he signs. Any signature may be a facsimile.

H. If, pursuant to any provision of this chapter, the Commission has prescribed a mandatory form for the document, the document shall be in or on the prescribed form.

I. The document shall be delivered to the Commission for filing and shall be accompanied by the required filing fee and any registration fee required by this chapter.

J. The Commission may accept the electronic filing of any information required or permitted to be filed by this chapter and may prescribe the methods of execution, recording, reproduction and certification of electronically filed information pursuant to § 59.1-496.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.