Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 16.1. Courts Not of Record
Chapter 6. Venue, Jurisdiction and Procedure in Civil Matters

§ 16.1-109. Appellate court may require new or additional security.

A. The court to which the appeal is taken may on motion for good cause shown, after reasonable notice to the appellant, require the appellant to give new or additional security, and if such security be not given within the time prescribed by the appellate court the appeal shall be dismissed with costs, and the judgment or order of the court from which the appeal was taken shall remain in effect and the appellate court shall award execution thereon, with costs, against the appellant and his surety.

B. When a bond or other security is required by law to be posted or given in connection with an appeal or removal from a district court, and there is either (i) a defect in such bond or other security as a result of an error of the district court, or (ii) the district court erroneously failed to require the bond or other security, and the defect or failure is discovered prior to sending the case to the circuit court, the district court shall order that the appellant or applicant for removal cure such defect or failure within a period not longer than the initial period of time for posting the bond or giving the security. If the error or failure is discovered after the case has been sent to the circuit court, the circuit court shall return the case to the district court for the district court to order the appellant or applicant for removal to cure the defect or post the required bond or give the required security within a period of time not longer than the initial period of time for posting the bond or giving the security for removal. Failure to comply with such order shall result in the disallowance of the appeal or denial of the application for removal.

1956, c. 555; 2007, c. 464.

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