Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 28.2. Fisheries and Habitat of the Tidal Waters
Chapter 6. Planting Grounds

§ 28.2-603.1. Temporary enclosures on leased ground.

The Commission shall, pursuant to its authority to regulate marine fisheries and commercial fishing, establish a general permit regulation authorizing the use of temporary protective enclosures to grow shellfish on grounds leased pursuant to § 28.2-603. In developing the general permit, the Commission shall consider those factors set forth in subsection A of § 28.2-1205. In addition to such other requirements as the Commission may prescribe for the protection of public safety, navigation, natural resources, and the environment, the general permit shall include the following provisions:

1. Leaseholders shall comply with any Commission requirements pertaining to aquaculture licensing;

2. Enclosures shall be constructed of nontoxic materials;

3. Leaseholders shall not place enclosures (i) in or upon submerged aquatic vegetation, (ii) in any marked navigation channel or in any other area that would create a hazard, or (iii) in any area that would impede customary access to navigable waters from any riparian property, public or commercial landing, or marina facility;

4. The location of enclosures shall be clearly marked to alert boaters and to allow the leaseholder or other authorized persons to retrieve the enclosures if necessary. The general permit regulation shall specify acceptable means and devices for complying with this requirement;

5. Leaseholders shall maintain a list identifying those leases on which enclosures are placed during the term of the lease and provide, upon request, a current copy of the list to authorized representatives of the Commission. Leaseholders shall also submit such list to be filed with any application for lease renewal made pursuant to § 28.2-613;

6. Leaseholders shall promptly remove any enclosure that is not actively in use for the planting and propagating of shellfish, and, upon expiration or termination of a lease or of the leaseholder's aquaculture license, the leaseholder shall promptly remove all enclosures placed on the leasehold; and

7. At his discretion, the Commissioner may order the removal or relocation of any enclosure that interferes with navigation, creates a hazard, or otherwise fails to comply with the conditions of the general permit.

2007, cc. 28, 170.

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