Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 55.1. Property and Conveyances
Chapter 22. Virginia Real Estate Time-Share Act

§ 55.1-2213. Time-share estate owners' association annual report.

A. Commencing with the time-share estate program and within 180 days after the close of each fiscal year thereafter, an annual report shall be prepared and distributed to all time-share estate owners. Such annual report shall be prepared and distributed for each time-share estate project registered with the Board. During the developer control period, the annual report shall be prepared and distributed to all time-share purchasers by the developer or its designated managing entity. After the developer control period, such annual report shall be prepared and distributed by the association.

B. The annual report shall contain the following:

1. The full legal name of the time-share project and its address;

2. The full legal name of the association;

3. A list of the names and mailing addresses of the members of the association's board of directors and the name of the person who prepared the report;

4. The managing entity's name, address, and contact person, if any, for the project;

5. A statement of whether or not the developer control period has terminated for the time-share estate project;

6. Financial statements of the association audited by an independent certified public accounting firm of the association that contain at least the following:

a. A balance sheet as of the end of the fiscal year;

b. An income statement as of the end of the fiscal year; and

c. A statement of the net changes in the financial position of the association for the fiscal year just ended;

7. A statement of the time-share estates occupancy expenses, the regular assessment, and any special assessments or other charges due for the current year from each time-share estate owner;

8. A copy of the current budget reflecting the anticipated time-share estate occupancy expenses along with:

a. A statement as to who prepared the budget;

b. A statement of the budgetary assumptions concerning occupancy factors;

c. A description of any provision made in the budget for reserves for repairs and replacement;

d. A statement of any other reserves;

e. The projected financial liability for each time-share estate owner, including a statement of (i) the nature of all charges, assessments, maintenance fees, and other expenses that may be assessed; (ii) the current amounts assessed; and (iii) the method and formula for changing any such assessments; and

f. A statement of any services not reflected in the budget that the developer provides, or expenses that it pays, that the association expects may become a time-share expense at any subsequent time, and the projected time-share expense assessment attributable to each of those services or expenses for the association and for each time-share; and

9. A statement of the location of the books and records of the association along with the name and contact address of the custodian of such books and records.

C. In lieu of the annual report required by subsection A, during the first 12 months of the time-share program, the developer or the association shall prepare a budget that shall contain the information contained in subdivision B 8.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.