Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 55.1. Property and Conveyances
Chapter 22. Virginia Real Estate Time-Share Act

§ 55.1-2244. Registration required for time-share resellers; exemptions; prohibited practices.

A. A reseller shall not provide or offer to provide any resale service unless he is registered with the Board.

B. The application for registration shall be filed in a form prescribed by the Board's regulations and shall include such information as required by the Board. A reseller shall immediately report to the Board any material changes in the information contained in an application for registration. The Board may by regulation establish reasonable fees for registration under this section. All fees shall be remitted by the Board to the Treasurer of Virginia, and shall be placed to the credit of the Common Interest Community Management Information Fund established pursuant to § 54.1-2354.2.

C. The registration requirements shall not apply to:

1. A person who solely or with affiliates engages in a resale service with respect to an aggregate of no more than 12 resale time-shares per calendar year;

2. A person who owns or acquires more than 12 resale time-shares and who subsequently transfers all such resale time-shares to a single purchaser in a single transaction;

3. The owner, its agents, and employees of a regularly published newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication of general circulation; broadcast station; website; or billboard, to the extent their activities are limited to solicitation and publication of advertisements and the transmission of responses to the persons who place the advertisements. Any person who would otherwise be exempt from this chapter pursuant to this section shall not be exempt if the person (i) solicits the placement of the advertisement by representing that the advertisement will generate cash, a certain price, or a similar type of representation for the time-share owner's resale time-share; (ii) makes a recommendation as to the sales price for which to advertise the resale time-share; (iii) makes any representations to the person placing the advertisement regarding the success rate for selling resale time-shares advertised with such person; or (iv) makes any misrepresentations as described in this chapter;

4. Sale by a developer or a party acting on its behalf of a resale time-share under a current registration of the time-share program in which the resale time-share is included;

5. Sale by an association, a managing entity, or a party acting on its behalf of a resale time-share owned by the association, provided that the sale is in compliance with subsection C of § 55.1-2228; or

6. Attorneys, title agents, title companies, or escrow companies providing closing services in connection with the transfer of a resale time-share.

D. No reseller shall:

1. Fail to disclose information in writing concerning the marketing, sale, or transfer of resale time-shares required by this chapter prior to accepting any consideration or with the expectation of receiving consideration from any time-share owner, seller, or buyer.

2. Make false or misleading statements concerning offers to buy or rent; the value, pricing, timing, or availability of resale time-shares; or numbers of sellers, renters, or buyers when engaged in time-share resale activities.

3. Misrepresent the likelihood of selling a resale time-share interest.

4. Misrepresent the method by or source from which the reseller or lead dealer obtained the contact information of any time-share owner.

5. Misrepresent price or value increases or decreases, assessments, special assessments, maintenance fees, or taxes.

6. Guarantee sales or rentals in order to obtain money or property.

7. Make false or misleading statements concerning the identity of the reseller or any of its affiliates or the time-share resale entity's or any of its affiliate's experience, performance, guarantees, services, fees, or commissions, availability of refunds, length of time in business, or endorsements by or affiliations with developers, management companies, or any other third parties.

8. Misrepresent whether or not the reseller or its affiliates, employees, or agents hold, in any state or jurisdiction, a current real estate sales or broker's license or other government-required license.

9. Misrepresent how funds will be utilized in any time-share resale activity conducted by the reseller.

10. Misrepresent that the reseller or its affiliates, employees, or agents have specialized education, professional affiliations, expertise, licenses, certifications, or other specialized knowledge or qualifications.

11. Make false or misleading statements concerning the conditions under which a time-share owner, seller, or buyer may exchange or occupy the resale time-share interest.

12. Represent that any gift, prize, membership, or other benefit or service will be provided to any time-share owner, seller, or buyer without providing such gift, prize, membership, or other benefit or service in the manner represented.

13. Misrepresent the nature of any resale time-share interest or the related time-share plan.

14. Misrepresent the amount of the proceeds, or fail to pay the proceeds, of any rental or sale of a resale time-share interest as offered by a potential renter or buyer to the time-share owner who made such resale time-share interest available for rental or sale through the reseller.

15. Fail to transfer any resale time-share interests as represented and required by this chapter or to provide written evidence to the time-share owner of the recording or transfer of such time-share owner's resale time-share interest as required by this chapter.

16. Fail to pay any annual assessments, special assessments, personal property or real estate taxes, or other fees relating to an owner's resale time-share interest as represented or required by this chapter.

17. Misrepresent or misuse the intended purpose of a power of attorney or similar document to the detriment of any grantor of such power of attorney.

2012, c. 751, § 55-394.3; 2019, c. 712.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.