Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 56. Public Service Companies
Chapter 6. Transportation Companies Generally

§ 56-123. Adjustment of claims against carriers.

Every claim against a common carrier doing business in the Commonwealth for loss or damage to property while in its possession, and every claim for storage, demurrage and car service against such carrier under the rules and regulations prescribed by the State Corporation Commission, shall be adjusted and paid within 60 days in case of shipments wholly within the Commonwealth, and within 90 days in case of interstate shipment, and within 60 days in case of claims for demurrage or car service after the filing of such claim with the agent of such carrier at the point of destination of such shipment or with the claims department of such common carrier. No such claims shall be filed until after the arrival of shipment or some part thereof at the point of destination or until after the lapse of a reasonable time for the arrival thereof, when such claim is for loss or damage to freight. In every case such carrier shall be liable for the amount of such loss or damage to freight, or such penalty as is prescribed for failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the Commission, relating to storage, demurrage, and car service, together with interest thereon from the date of the filing of the claim therefor, until the payment thereof. Failure to adjust and pay such claim within the periods herein respectively prescribed shall subject such common carrier so failing to a penalty of $25 for each and every such failure, to be recovered by such claimant so aggrieved in the same action or proceedings in any court having jurisdiction in the Commonwealth; provided, that unless such claimant recover in such action the full amount claimed by him no penalty shall be recovered, but only the actual amount of the loss or damage to freight, or amount due for storage, demurrage or car service, with interest as aforesaid; and, provided further, that if in such action or proceedings such claim shall be found to be fraudulent the claimant shall pay to the carrier a penalty of $25, to be recovered along with the costs. If after such periods above prescribed, the carrier shall voluntarily pay the full amount so claimed, then such penalty alone may be recovered as aforesaid by the claimant.

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