Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 56. Public Service Companies
Chapter 9.1. Utility Consumer Services Cooperatives and Utility Aggregation Cooperatives

§ 56-231.38. Definitions.

As used in this article:

"Affiliate" means a separate affiliated or subsidiary corporation or other separate legal entity.

"Board" means any board of directors of a cooperative formed under or which becomes subject to this article.

"Commission" means the State Corporation Commission of Virginia.

"Cooperative" means a power supply cooperative formed under the former Power Supply Cooperatives Act (§ 56-231.1 et seq.) or a utility aggregation cooperative formed under this article or which becomes subject to this article.

"Energy" means and includes all energy, regardless of how or where it is generated or produced.

"HVACR" means heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

"Member" means any person that holds any class of membership in a cooperative.

"Obligations" means all evidences of indebtedness issued by or the payment of which is assumed by a cooperative.

"Patronage capital" includes all amounts received by a cooperative from the sale of electric power to members in excess of the cooperative's cost of furnishing electric power to members and such other margins as determined by the Board.

"Person" means and includes natural persons, firms, associations, cooperatives, corporations, limited liability companies, business trusts, partnerships, limited liability partnerships and bodies politic.

"Propane or fuel oil equipment" means equipment and related systems to store or use propane or fuel oil products.

"Regulated utility services" means utility services that are subject to regulation as to rates or service by the Commission.

"System" means any plant, works, facility, or property used or useful in connection with the purchase, generation, sale or transmission of energy, utility products and services, or both.

"Traditional cooperative activity" means any business, service or activity in which cooperatives in Virginia have traditionally engaged and that is incidental to and substantially related to the electric utility business conducted by a cooperative on or before July 1, 1999; provided, however, that traditional cooperative activity does not include any program to (i) buy or maintain an inventory of HVACR equipment or household appliances; (ii) install or service any such equipment or household appliances for customers, unless such service is not provided by the cooperative but by a third party individual, firm or corporation licensed to perform such service; (iii) sell HVACR equipment or household appliances to customers metered and billed on residential rates; (iv) sell HVACR equipment to customers other than those metered and billed on residential rates except where such sale is an incidental part of providing other energy services or providing other traditional cooperative activities; (v) sell or distribute propane or fuel oil; sell, install or service propane or fuel oil equipment; or maintain or buy an inventory of propane or fuel oil equipment for resale; or (vi) serve as a coordinator of nonelectric energy services or provide engineering consulting services except when such energy or engineering services are an incidental part of a marketing effort to provide other energy or engineering services or as a part of providing services that are other traditional cooperative activities.

"Utility services" means any products, services, and equipment related to energy, telecommunications, water and sewerage.

1999, c. 874; 2000, cc. 944, 964, 989, 999.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.