Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 1. General Provisions
Chapter 3.1. Boundaries of the Commonwealth

§ 1-310. Boundary with Maryland in upper reaches of Pocomoke sound and lower reaches of Pocomoke River.

A. The boundary line between the Commonwealth and Maryland in the previously undescribed portion of the Maryland-Virginia line in the upper reaches of the Pocomoke sound and lower reaches of the Pocomoke River shall be and remain as follows:

Beginning at a point which is corner D defined by latitude 37°56'28.00" and longitude 75°45'43.56"; which is the last point on the Maryland-Virginia line that was defined by the "joint report of engineers on relocating and remarking Maryland-Virginia boundary line across Tangier and Pocomoke sounds December 1916"; thence running N 73°34'31.9" E about 17,125.11 feet to corner H a point defined by latitude 37°57'115.82" and longitude 75°42'18.48"; thence running N 85°39'33.9" E about 3,785.82 feet to corner J a point defined by latitude 37°57'18.65" and longitude 75°41'31.25"; thence running S 74°16'00.8" E about 7,278.41 feet to corner K a point defined by latitude 37°56'59.13" and longitude 75°40'03.89"; thence running S 61°57'55.7" E about 3,664.73 feet to corner L a point defined by latitude 37°56'42.10" and longitude 75°39'23.51"; thence running N 76°15'24.5" E about 2,263.49 feet to corner M a point defined by latitude 37°56'47.65" and longitude 75°38'54.85"; thence running N 00°49'51.5" W about 7,178.56 feet to corner N a point defined by latitude 37°57'58.61" and longitude 75°38'56.15"; thence northeasterly about 3 1/2 miles following the middle thread of the meandering Pocomoke river to corner P a point defined by latitude 37°59'39.37" and longitude 75°37'26.52", which is at or near the point of intersection with the Scarborough and Calvert boundary line of May 28, 1668; corners N and P are connected by a line running N 35°08'33.5" E about 12,465.32 feet; thence N 83°45'59.9" E about 24,156.95 feet to the boundary monument near triangulation station Davis on the Scarborough and Calvert boundary line of May 28, 1668. Geographic positions are based on 1927 datum.

B. No vested right of any individual, partnership or corporation within the area affected by this section shall in any wise be impaired, restricted or affected thereby. This section shall not be retrospective in its operation nor shall it in any way affect the rights of any individual, partnership or corporation in any suit now pending in any of the courts of this Commonwealth or of the United States wherein such cause of action arose over, or is in any way based upon, the area affected. This section shall in no wise preclude the Commonwealth from prosecuting any individual, partnership or corporation for violation of any of the criminal laws of this Commonwealth within such area until this section shall become effective.

1970, c. 315, § 7.1-7.2; 2005, c. 839.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.