Code of Virginia

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Chapter 22.
Historic Resources
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  • Article 1.
    Department of Historic Resources
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  • § 10.1-2200
    § 10.1-2201
    Department created; appointment of Director; Director to serve as State Historic Preservation Officer
    § 10.1-2202
    Powers and duties of the Director
    § 10.1-2202.1
    Historic Resources Fund established; administration; purpose
    § 10.1-2202.2
    Preservation Easement Fund established; uses
    § 10.1-2202.3
    Stewardship of state-owned historic properties
    § 10.1-2202.4
    Virginia Battlefield Preservation Fund established; eligibility; uses
    § 10.1-2202.5
    Virginia Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Historic Preservation Fund; established
    § 10.1-2203
    Board of Historic Resources membership; appointment; terms
    § 10.1-2204
    Duties of Board of Historic Resources
    § 10.1-2205
    Board shall promulgate regulations; penalty
    § 10.1-2205.1
    Policies for consultation with federally recognized Tribal Nations in the Commonwealth
    § 10.1-2206
    § 10.1-2206.1
    Procedure for designating a historic district, building, structure, or site as a historic landmark; National Register of Historic Places, National Historic Landmarks; historic district defined
    § 10.1-2206.2
    Consent of owners required for certain designations by the Board
    § 10.1-2207
    Property to reflect change in market value
    § 10.1-2208
    Supervision of expenditure of appropriations made to localities and private organizations
    § 10.1-2208.1
    § 10.1-2209
    Erection of markers, requirements, etc., without certificate of approval forbidden
    § 10.1-2210
    Erection of markers by local governing bodies
    § 10.1-2210.1
    Green Book historic site designation
    § 10.1-2211
    Disbursement of funds appropriated for caring for Confederate cemeteries and graves
    § 10.1-2211.1
    Disbursement of funds appropriated for caring for Revolutionary War cemeteries and graves
    § 10.1-2211.1:1
    Revolutionary War Cemeteries and Graves Fund
    § 10.1-2211.2
    Disbursement of funds appropriated for caring for historical African American cemeteries and graves
    § 10.1-2211.3
    Historical African American Cemeteries and Graves Fund
    § 10.1-2212
    Listing of certain historical societies receiving appropriations
    § 10.1-2213
    Procedure for appropriation of state funds for historic preservation
    § 10.1-2213.1
    Matching grants for contributions to a material restoration of a Presidential home
    § 10.1-2214
    Underwater historic property; penalty