Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
General Provisions
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§ 11-1
Certain contracts void as to creditors and purchasers unless in writing; law governing validity of contracts creating security interests
§ 11-2
When written evidence required to maintain action
§ 11-2.01
Promise after bankruptcy must be in writing
§ 11-2.1
Goods sent by mail
§ 11-2.2
Unsolicited goods deemed gift to recipient
§ 11-2.3
§ 11-2.4
Notice of possible filing of mechanics' lien required
§ 11-3
Sealed writings; writings not purporting to be sealed
§ 11-4
Sizes of type in printed contracts
§ 11-4.1
Certain indemnification provisions in construction contracts declared void
§ 11-4.1:1
Waiver of payment bond claims and contract claims; construction contracts
§ 11-4.2
§ 11-4.3
When acceleration of payment or repossession of consumer goods not allowed
§ 11-4.4
Certain indemnification and duty to defend provisions in contracts with design professionals declared void
§ 11-4.5
Certain indemnification provisions in motor carrier transportation contracts declared void
§ 11-4.6
Required contract provisions in construction contracts
§ 11-5
§ 11-7.1
Certain entities' authority to extend performance agreements
§ 11-8
Instruments executed by minors or surviving spouses to obtain benefits under certain federal legislation
§ 11-9
Writing payable to deceased person
§ 11-9.1
§ 11-9.8
Construction of certain terms of offer to contract; use of experience modification factor prohibited