Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 15.2. Counties, Cities and Towns
Chapter 51. Virginia Water and Waste Authorities Act

§ 15.2-5112. Joinder of another locality or authority; withdrawal from authority.

A. Any locality may become a member of any existing authority, and any locality that is a member of an existing authority may withdraw therefrom upon unanimous consent of the remaining members of the authority in accordance with this section. However, no locality may withdraw from any authority that has outstanding bonds without the unanimous consent of all the holders of such bonds unless all such bonds have been paid or cashed or United States government obligations have been deposited for their payment.

B. The governing body of any locality wishing to withdraw from an existing authority shall signify its desire by resolution or ordinance.

C. The governing body of any locality wishing to become a member of an existing authority and the governing bodies of the political subdivisions then members of the authority shall by concurrent resolutions or ordinances or by agreement provide for the joinder of such locality. The resolutions, ordinances, or agreement creating the expanded authority shall specify the number and terms of office of members of the board of the expanded authority which are to be appointed by each of the participating political subdivisions, and the names, addresses, and terms of office of initial appointments to board membership. Upon the date of issuance of the certificate by the State Corporation Commission as provided in this section, the terms of office of the board members of the existing authority shall terminate and the appointments made in the resolutions, ordinances, or agreement creating the expanded authority shall become effective.

D. If the authority by resolution expresses its consent to withdrawal or joinder of a locality, the governing body of such locality and the governing bodies of the political subdivisions then members of the authority shall advertise the ordinance, resolution, or agreement and hold a public hearing in accordance with § 15.2-5104.

Upon adoption or approval of the ordinance, resolution, or agreement, the governing body seeking to withdraw or join the authority shall file either an application to withdraw from or an application to become a member of the authority, whichever applies, with the State Corporation Commission. A joinder application shall set forth all of the information required in the case of original incorporation and shall be accompanied by certified copies of the resolutions, ordinances, or agreement described in subsection C. Joinder and withdrawal applications shall be executed by the proper officers of the withdrawing or incoming locality under its official seal, and shall be joined in by the proper officers of the governing board of the authority, and in the case of a locality seeking to become a member of the authority also by the proper officers of each of the political subdivisions that are then members of the authority, pursuant to resolutions by the governing bodies of such political subdivisions.

E. If the State Corporation Commission finds that the application conforms to law, it shall approve the application. When all proper fees and charges have been paid, it shall file the approved application and issue to the applicant a certificate of withdrawal or a certificate of joinder, whichever applies, attached to a copy of the approved application. The withdrawal or joinder shall become effective upon the issuing of such certificate.

F. Any authority may join an existing authority if the joinder is approved by concurrent ordinances or resolutions of the localities which created the joining authority, notwithstanding any contrary provisions of § 15.2-5150. However, if the localities, at the time of the creation of an authority, state that the authority is created with the intention of joining an existing authority, such concurrent ordinances or resolutions shall not be necessary. The provisions of this section pertaining to a locality becoming a member or withdrawing from an authority shall also apply, mutatis mutandis, to an authority becoming a member or withdrawing.

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.