Code of Virginia

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Chapter 52.
Hospital or Health Center Commissions
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§ 15.2-5200
Creation of commission
§ 15.2-5201
§ 15.2-5202
When governing bodies may declare need for commission
§ 15.2-5203
Effect of adoption of resolution
§ 15.2-5204
Members of commission; quorum; compensation; expenses; removal and vacancies
§ 15.2-5205
Powers of commission
§ 15.2-5206
Appropriations to commission
§ 15.2-5207
Issuance of bonds by political subdivisions and validation thereof
§ 15.2-5208
Issuance and sale of bonds
§ 15.2-5209
Provisions to secure payment of bonds
§ 15.2-5210
Bonds made legal investments
§ 15.2-5211
Bonds payable from revenues of hospital or health centers
§ 15.2-5212
Property of commission exempt from foreclosure or execution sale and judgment lien
§ 15.2-5213
§ 15.2-5214
Eminent domain
§ 15.2-5215
Records and reports
§ 15.2-5216
When court may enter order declaring need for commission no longer exists
§ 15.2-5217
Finality of order; effect
§ 15.2-5218
Appeal from order; supersedeas
§ 15.2-5219
Chapter supplemental; application of other laws; consent of local governing bodies or other agencies not required