Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 15.2. Counties, Cities and Towns
Chapter 53. Hospital Authorities

§ 15.2-5356. Provisions of bonds and trust indentures.

In connection with the issuance of bonds or the incurring of any obligations and in order to secure the payment of such bonds or obligations, the authority shall have power:

1. To pledge by resolution, trust indenture, or other contract, all or any part of its rents, fees, or revenues.

2. To covenant to impose and maintain such schedule of fees and charges as will produce funds sufficient to pay operating costs and debt service.

3. To covenant with respect to limitations on its right to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of any hospital project or other property of the authority or any part thereof or with respect to limitations on its right to undertake additional hospital projects.

4. To covenant against pledging all or any part of its rents, fees and revenues to which its right then exists or the right to which may thereafter come into existence or against permitting or suffering any lien thereon.

5. To provide for the release of rents, fees, and revenues from any pledge and reserve rights and powers in, or the right to dispose of, property, the rents, fees and revenues from which are subject to a pledge.

6. To covenant as to the bonds to be issued pursuant to any resolution, trust indenture, or other instrument and as to the issuance of such bonds in escrow or otherwise, and as to the use and disposition of the proceeds thereof.

7. To covenant as to what other, or additional, debt may be incurred by it.

8. To provide for the terms, form, registration, exchange, execution and authentication of bonds.

9. To provide for the replacement of lost, destroyed, or mutilated bonds.

10. To covenant as to the use of any or all of its property, real or personal.

11. To create or authorize the creation of special funds in which there shall be segregated: (i) the proceeds of any loan or grant; (ii) all of the rents, fees and revenues of any hospital project or projects or parts thereof; (iii) any moneys held for the payment of the costs of operation and maintenance of any such hospital projects or as a reserve for the meeting of contingencies in the operation and maintenance thereof; (iv) any moneys held for the payment of the principal and interest on its bonds or the sums due under its leases or as a reserve for such payments; and (v) any moneys held for any other reserve or contingency; and to covenant as to the use and disposal of the moneys held in such funds.

12. To redeem the bonds and covenant for their redemption and provide the terms and conditions thereof.

13. To covenant against extending the time for the payment of its bonds or interest thereon, directly or indirectly, by any means or in any manner.

14. To prescribe the procedure, if any, by which the terms of any contract with bondholders may be amended or abrogated, the amount of bonds the holders of which must consent thereto and the manner in which such consent may be given.

15. To covenant as to the maintenance of its property, the replacement thereof, the insurance to be carried thereon and the use and disposition of insurance moneys.

16. To vest in an obligee of the authority the right, in the event of the failure of the authority, to observe or perform any covenant on its part to be kept or performed, cure any such default and advance any moneys necessary for such purpose. The moneys so advanced may be made an additional obligation of the authority with such interest, security and priority as may be provided in any trust indenture, lease or contract of the authority with reference thereto.

17. To covenant and prescribe as to the events of default and terms and conditions upon which any or all of its bonds shall become or may be declared due before maturity and as to the terms and conditions upon which such declaration and its consequences may be waived.

18. To covenant as to the rights, liabilities, powers and duties arising upon the breach by it of any covenant, condition, or obligation.

19. To covenant to surrender possession of all or any part of any hospital project or other property of the authority, the revenues from which have been pledged, upon the happening of any event of default (as defined in the contract) and to vest in an obligee the right without judicial proceeding to take possession; to use, operate, manage and control such hospital project or other property or any part thereof; to collect and receive all rents, fees and revenues arising therefrom in the same manner as the authority itself might do; and to dispose of the moneys collected in accordance with the agreement of the authority with such obligee.

20. To vest in a trustee or trustees the right to enforce any covenant made to secure, to pay, or in relation to the bonds, to provide for the powers and duties of such trustee or trustees, to limit liabilities thereof and to provide the terms and conditions upon which the trustee or trustees or the holders of bonds or any proportion of them may enforce any such covenant.

21. To make covenants other than and in addition to the covenants herein expressly authorized, of like or different character.

22. To execute all instruments necessary or convenient in the exercise of the powers herein granted or in the performance of its covenants or duties, which may contain such covenants and provisions, in addition to those above specified, as the government or any purchaser of the bonds of the authority may reasonably require.

23. To make such covenants and to do any and all such acts and things as may be necessary or convenient or desirable in order to secure its bonds or, in the absolute discretion of the authority, tend to make the bonds more marketable, notwithstanding that such covenants, acts or things may not be enumerated herein. It is the intention hereof to give the authority power to do all things in the issuance of bonds and in the provisions for their security that are not inconsistent with the Constitution of Virginia.

Code 1950, § 32-271; 1973, c. 462, § 15.1-1591; 1979, c. 719; 1997, c. 587.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.