Code of Virginia

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Chapter 9.
Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission
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§ 17.1-900
Definitions and application of chapter
§ 17.1-901
Commission created; membership and terms of office
§ 17.1-902
Powers and duties of Commission generally
§ 17.1-903
Officers and employees; experts and reporters; witnesses; legal counsel
§ 17.1-904
Compensation and expenses
§ 17.1-905
Annual report
§ 17.1-906
Jurisdiction of Supreme Court
§ 17.1-907
Oaths; inspection of books and records; subpoenas
§ 17.1-908
Scope of process
§ 17.1-909
Order compelling witness to attend and testify
§ 17.1-910
§ 17.1-911
Suspension of judge
§ 17.1-912
Physical or mental examination
§ 17.1-913
Confidentiality of papers and proceedings; exception
§ 17.1-914
§ 17.1-915
Witness fees; mileage; exception
§ 17.1-916
§ 17.1-917
Assistance and information; complaint forms
§ 17.1-918
Transmission of certain information to Virginia State Bar, House Committee for Courts of Justice, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, and other members of the General Assembly
§ 17.1-919
Service of process; execution of orders