Code of Virginia

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Chapter 11.
Proceedings on Question of Insanity
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§ 19.2-167
Accused not to be tried while insane or feebleminded
§ 19.2-168
Notice to Commonwealth of intention to present evidence of insanity; continuance if notice not given
§ 19.2-168.1
Evaluation on motion of the Commonwealth after notice
§ 19.2-169
§ 19.2-169.1
Raising question of competency to stand trial or plead; evaluation and determination of competency
§ 19.2-169.2
Disposition when defendant found incompetent
§ 19.2-169.3
Disposition of the unrestorably incompetent defendant; aggravated murder charge; sexually violent offense charge
§ 19.2-169.3:1
Disposition of the unrestorably incompetent defendant; capital murder charge; inpatient custody of the Commissioner
§ 19.2-169.4
Litigating certain issues when the defendant is incompetent
§ 19.2-169.5
Evaluation of sanity at the time of the offense; disclosure of evaluation results
§ 19.2-169.6
Inpatient psychiatric hospital admission from local correctional facility
§ 19.2-169.7
Disclosure by defendant during evaluation or treatment; use at guilt phase of trial
§ 19.2-169.8
Orders for evaluation or treatment; duties of clerk; copies
§ 19.2-170
§ 19.2-174.1
Information required prior to admission to a mental health facility
§ 19.2-175
Compensation of experts
§ 19.2-176
§ 19.2-177
§ 19.2-177.1
§ 19.2-178
Where prisoner kept when no vacancy in facility or hospital
§ 19.2-179
§ 19.2-180
Sentence or trial of prisoner when restored to sanity
§ 19.2-181
§ 19.2-182
Representation by counsel in proceeding for commitment
§ 19.2-182.1