Code of Virginia

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Chapter 10.
Disability of Judge or Attorney for Commonwealth; Court- Appointed Counsel; Interpreters; Transcripts
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  • Article 1.
    Disability of Judge
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  • § 19.2-153
    When judge cannot sit on trial; how another judge procured to try the case
    § 19.2-154
    Death or disability of judge during trial; how another judge procured to continue with trial
  • Article 2.
    Disability of Attorney for Commonwealth
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  • § 19.2-155
    Disqualification or temporary disability of attorney for Commonwealth; appointment of substitute; powers, duties and compensation of such appointee
    § 19.2-156
    Prolonged absence of attorney for Commonwealth
  • Article 3.
    Appointment of Attorney for Accused
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  • § 19.2-157
    Duty of court when accused appears without counsel
    § 19.2-158
    When person not free on bail shall be informed of right to counsel and amount of bail
    § 19.2-159
    Determination of indigency; guidelines; statement of indigence; appointment of counsel
    § 19.2-159.1
    Interrogation by court; filing; change in circumstances; investigation by attorney for Commonwealth
    § 19.2-160
    Appointment of counsel or waiver of right
    § 19.2-160.1
    Appointment of counsel in Class 1 felony cases
    § 19.2-161
    Penalty for false swearing with regard to statement of indigence
    § 19.2-162
    Continuances to be granted if necessary
    § 19.2-163
    Compensation of court-appointed counsel
  • Article 5.
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  • § 19.2-164
    Interpreters for non-English-speaking persons (Supreme Court Rule 2:507 derived in part from this section)
    § 19.2-164.1
    Interpreters for the deaf (Supreme Court Rule 2:507 derived in part from this section)
  • Article 6.
    Recording Evidence and Incidents of Trial
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  • § 19.2-165
    Recording evidence and incidents of trial in felony cases; cost of recording; cost of transcripts; certified transcript deemed prima facie correct; request for copy of transcript
    § 19.2-165.1
    Payment of medical fees in certain criminal cases; reimbursement
    § 19.2-166
    Court reporters