Code of Virginia

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Chapter 19.
Exceptions and Writs of Error
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§ 19.2-317
When writ of error lies in criminal case for accused; when for Commonwealth; when for county, city or town
§ 19.2-317.1
§ 19.2-318
Appeal on writ of error to judgment for contempt
§ 19.2-319
When execution of sentence to be suspended; bail; appeal from denial
§ 19.2-320
Petitioner for writ of error to comply with Rules of Court
§ 19.2-321
With whom petition for writ of error filed
§ 19.2-321.1
Motion in the Court of Appeals for delayed appeal in criminal cases
§ 19.2-321.2
Motion in the Supreme Court for delayed appeal in criminal cases
§ 19.2-322
§ 19.2-322.1
Suspension of execution of judgment on appeal
§ 19.2-323
Denial by judge or justice no bar to allowance by Court
§ 19.2-324
Decision of appellate court
§ 19.2-324.1
Erroneously admitted evidence; appeal
§ 19.2-325
Provisions which apply to criminal as well as civil cases; when plaintiff in error unable to pay printing costs
§ 19.2-326
Payment of expenses of appeals of indigent defendants
§ 19.2-327
How judgment of appellate court certified and entered
§ 19.2-327.01