Code of Virginia

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Chapter 20.
Taxation and Allowance of Costs
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§ 19.2-328
When jailers and sheriffs to summon or employ guards and other persons; allowances therefor
§ 19.2-329
Allowance to witnesses
§ 19.2-330
Compensation to witnesses from out of Commonwealth
§ 19.2-331
When Commonwealth pays witnesses in case of misdemeanor
§ 19.2-332
Compensation to officer or other person for services not otherwise compensable
§ 19.2-333
No state fees to attorney for the Commonwealth
§ 19.2-334
By whom certificate of allowance to be made; vouchers to accompany it; proof of correctness; what entry to state
§ 19.2-335
Judge of district court to certify to clerk of circuit court costs of proceedings in criminal cases before him
§ 19.2-336
Clerk to make up statement of whole cost, and issue execution therefor
§ 19.2-337
Claims not presented in time to be disallowed
§ 19.2-338
Collection by town of cost of transporting prisoners