Code of Virginia

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Chapter 21.
Recovery of Fines and Penalties
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  • Article 3.
    Collection and Disposition of Fines
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  • § 19.2-348
    Attorneys for Commonwealth or clerks to superintend issue of executions, etc.
    § 19.2-349
    Responsibility for collections; clerks to report unsatisfied fines, etc.; duty of attorneys for Commonwealth; duties of Department of Taxation
    § 19.2-349.1
    Receipt of unpaid fines, costs, forfeitures, penalties, or restitution by Department of Motor Vehicles
    § 19.2-350
    When sheriff not to receive fines
    § 19.2-351
    How fines disposed of; informer
    § 19.2-352
    Officers to pay fines to clerks; default; forfeiture, etc.
    § 19.2-353
    Certain fines paid into Literary Fund
    § 19.2-353.1
    Fieri facias and proceedings thereon
    § 19.2-353.2
    § 19.2-353.3
    Acceptance of checks and credit or debit cards in lieu of money; additional fee
    § 19.2-353.4
    § 19.2-353.5
    Interest on fines and costs
  • Article 4.
    Payment of Fines and Costs on Installment Basis, Etc.
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  • § 19.2-354
    Authority of court to order payment of fine, costs, forfeitures, penalties or restitution in installments or upon other terms and conditions; community work in lieu of payment
    § 19.2-354.1
    Deferred or installment payment agreements
    § 19.2-355
    Petition of defendant
    § 19.2-356
    Payment of fine or costs as condition of probation or suspension of sentence
    § 19.2-357
    Requiring that defendant be of peace and good behavior until fine and costs are paid
    § 19.2-358
    Procedure on default in deferred payment or installment payment of fine, costs, forfeiture, restitution or penalty
  • Article 5.
    Receipts for Fines
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  • § 19.2-359
    Official receipts to be given for fines
    § 19.2-360
    Forms of receipts; distribution; record of disposition
    § 19.2-361
    Misuse, misappropriation or willful failure to account for fines is embezzlement
  • Article 6.
    Relief from Fines and Penalties
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  • § 19.2-362
    Court not to remit fine or penalty, other than fine for contempt, except as provided in § 19.2-358
    § 19.2-363
    Authority of Governor to grant relief from fines and penalties
    § 19.2-364
    Petition for relief; in what court filed; notice to attorney for Commonwealth
    § 19.2-365
    Duties of attorney for Commonwealth upon filing of such petition
    § 19.2-366
    Duty of court in which petition filed; certificate and opinion
    § 19.2-367
    Proceedings to be according to common law
    § 19.2-368
    Course of proceeding when relief asked of the Governor