Code of Virginia

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Chapter 15.
Department of Planning and Budget
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§ 2.2-1500
Department of Planning and Budget created; appointment of Director; powers and duties
§ 2.2-1501
Duties of Department
§ 2.2-1501.1
Additional duties of Department; commercial activities list
§ 2.2-1502
Establishing regulations for preplanning of capital outlay projects
§ 2.2-1502.1
School efficiency review program
§ 2.2-1503
Filing of six-year revenue plan by Governor
§ 2.2-1503.1
Filing of six-year financial outline by Governor
§ 2.2-1503.2
§ 2.2-1503.3
Reestimate of general fund revenues
§ 2.2-1504
Estimates by state agencies of amounts needed
§ 2.2-1505
Estimates by nonstate agencies of amounts needed
§ 2.2-1506
Estimates of financial needs of General Assembly and judiciary
§ 2.2-1507
Participation of certain agencies in budget development process of other agencies
§ 2.2-1508
Submission of executive budget to General Assembly
§ 2.2-1509
Budget Bill
§ 2.2-1509.1
Budget bill to include appropriations for capital outlay projects
§ 2.2-1509.2
Budget Bill to include amounts diverted from Commonwealth Transportation Fund
§ 2.2-1509.3
Budget bill to include appropriations for major information technology projects
§ 2.2-1509.4
Budget bill to include an appropriation for land preservation
§ 2.2-1510
Publication of budget highlights; public hearings
§ 2.2-1511
Consideration of budget by committees
§ 2.2-1512
Financial statements by Comptroller
§ 2.2-1513
Submission of additional information to legislative committees
§ 2.2-1514
(Contingent expiration date) Commitment of general fund for nonrecurring expenditures
§ 2.2-1514
(Contingent effective date) Commitment of general fund for nonrecurring expenditures