Code of Virginia

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Chapter 27.
Foundations and Other Collegial Bodies
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  • Article 5.
    Debt Capacity Advisory Committee
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  • § 2.2-2712
    Debt Capacity Advisory Committee; membership; terms; chairman; compensation; staff
    § 2.2-2713
    Powers and duties of the Committee
    § 2.2-2714
    Estimated amount of prudent tax-supported debt; affordability considerations
  • Article 7.
    The Center for Rural Virginia
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  • § 2.2-2720
    The Center for Rural Virginia; purpose
    § 2.2-2721
    Center for Rural Virginia Board of Trustees established; membership; terms; vacancies; chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and other officers as necessary; quorum; meetings
    § 2.2-2722
    Compensation; expenses
    § 2.2-2723
    Powers and duties of the Board of Trustees and the Center
    § 2.2-2724
  • Article 8.
    Martin Luther King, Jr Living History and Public Policy Center
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  • § 2.2-2725
  • Article 10.
    Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation
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  • § 2.2-2734
    Southwest Virginia Cultural Heritage Foundation established; purpose
    § 2.2-2735
    Membership; qualifications; terms; vacancies; officers; compensation
    § 2.2-2736
    Powers and duties of the Foundation
    § 2.2-2737
  • Article 11.
    Virginia International Trade Corporation
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  • § 2.2-2738
    Virginia International Trade Corporation; purpose; membership; meetings
    § 2.2-2739
    Appointment of Chief Executive Officer
    § 2.2-2740
    Powers and duties of the Corporation
    § 2.2-2741
    Grants from the Commonwealth
    § 2.2-2742
    Exemption from taxation
    § 2.2-2743
    Exemptions from personnel and procurement procedures