Code of Virginia

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Chapter 31.
State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act
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  • Article 2.
    Generally Prohibited and Unlawful Conduct
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  • § 2.2-3102
    § 2.2-3103
    Prohibited conduct
    § 2.2-3103.1
    Certain gifts prohibited
    § 2.2-3103.2
    Return of gifts
    § 2.2-3104
    Prohibited conduct for certain officers and employees of state government
    § 2.2-3104.01
    Prohibited conduct; bids or proposals under the Virginia Public Procurement Act, Public-Private Transportation Act, and Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act; loans or grants from the Commonwealth's Development Opportunity Fund
    § 2.2-3104.02
    Prohibited conduct for constitutional officers
    § 2.2-3104.1
    Exclusion of certain awards from scope of chapter
    § 2.2-3104.2
    Ordinance regulating receipt of gifts
  • Article 3.
    Prohibited Conduct Relating to Contracts
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  • § 2.2-3105
    § 2.2-3106
    Prohibited contracts by officers and employees of state government and Eastern Virginia Medical School
    § 2.2-3107
    Prohibited contracts by members of county boards of supervisors, city councils and town councils
    § 2.2-3108
    Prohibited contracts by members of school boards
    § 2.2-3109
    Prohibited contracts by other officers and employees of local governmental agencies
    § 2.2-3109.1
    Prohibited contracts; additional exclusions for contracts by officers and employees of hospital authorities
    § 2.2-3110
    Further exceptions
  • Article 4.
    Prohibited Conduct Relating to Transactions
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  • § 2.2-3111
    § 2.2-3112
    Prohibited conduct concerning personal interest in a transaction; exceptions
  • Article 5.
    Disclosure Statements Required to Be Filed
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  • § 2.2-3113
    § 2.2-3114
    Disclosure by state officers and employees
    § 2.2-3114.1
    Filings of statements of economic interests by General Assembly members
    § 2.2-3114.2
    Report of gifts by certain officers and employees of state government
    § 2.2-3115
    Disclosure by local government officers and employees
    § 2.2-3116
    Disclosure by certain constitutional officers
    § 2.2-3117
    Disclosure form
    § 2.2-3118
    Disclosure form; certain citizen members
    § 2.2-3118.1
    Special provisions for individuals serving in or seeking multiple positions or offices; reappointees
    § 2.2-3118.2
    Disclosure form; filing requirements
  • Article 6.
    School Boards and Employees of School Boards
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  • § 2.2-3119
    Additional provisions applicable to school boards and employees of school boards; exceptions
  • Article 9.
    Training for Local Filers
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  • § 2.2-3132
    Training on prohibited conduct and conflicts of interest