Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2. Board of EducationRead Chapter

§ 22.1-8
General supervision vested in Board
§ 22.1-9
Appointment, terms, and vacancies
§ 22.1-10
§ 22.1-11
§ 22.1-12
Oath of office
§ 22.1-13
§ 22.1-14
§ 22.1-15
§ 22.1-16
Bylaws and regulations generally
§ 22.1-16.1
Board to establish regulations regarding human research
§ 22.1-16.2
Child identification kits; child protection kits
§ 22.1-16.3
Cooperation with other state agencies regarding students placed in group homes or residential facilities having educational programs
§ 22.1-16.4
Nutrition and physical activity best practices database
§ 22.1-16.5
Training materials on human trafficking
§ 22.1-16.6
Guidelines for alternatives to suspension
§ 22.1-16.7
Regulations regarding endorsement to teach military science
§ 22.1-17
Statements concerning regulations
§ 22.1-17.01
Definition of "intervener."
§ 22.1-17.02
Definition of "student with limited or interrupted formal education"
§ 22.1-17.1
Regulations for reenrollment
§ 22.1-17.2
Nursing education programs
§ 22.1-17.3
Identification of student internship programs
§ 22.1-17.4
Certain honorary diplomas to be issued under specific circumstances
§ 22.1-17.5
Public notice and comment regarding certain resource guides
§ 22.1-17.6
Public elementary and secondary schools and local school divisions; information and forms
§ 22.1-17.7
Social-emotional learning guidance standards
§ 22.1-18
Report on education and standards of quality for school divisions; when submitted and effective
§ 22.1-18.01
Biennial review of the standards of quality required; budget estimates
§ 22.1-18.1
Annual report on gifted education required; local advisory committee on gifted education
§ 22.1-19
Accreditation of elementary, middle, and high schools; nursery schools; recognition of certain organizations; child day center regulation
§ 22.1-19.1
Action for violations related to secure mandatory tests
§ 22.1-20
Retention of pupil personnel records
§ 22.1-20.1
Powers and duties of the Board related to public broadcasting stations; disbursement of funds
§ 22.1-20.2
Student data security
§ 22.1-20.3
Granting easements across lands of certain schools and institutions
§ 22.1-20.4
Alternative assessments for students who are English language learners