Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
System of Public Schools; General Provisions
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§ 22.1-1
(For Expiration Date, see 2022 Acts cc. 549, 550, cl. 2) Definitions
§ 22.1-1
(For Effective Date, see 2022 Acts cc. 549, 550, cl. 2) Definitions
§ 22.1-2
System of free public elementary and secondary schools to be maintained; administration
§ 22.1-2.1
Provision of in-person instruction
§ 22.1-3
Persons to whom public schools shall be free
§ 22.1-3.1
Birth certificates required upon admission; required notice to the local law-enforcement agency
§ 22.1-3.2
Notice of student's school status required as condition of admission; penalty
§ 22.1-3.3
Transfer of students under certain circumstances
§ 22.1-3.4
Enrollment of certain children placed in foster care
§ 22.1-4
§ 22.1-4.1
Street addresses required in certain school admission documents
§ 22.1-4.2
Designation of race or ethnicity
§ 22.1-4.3
Participation by and notification of noncustodial parent
§ 22.1-5
Regulations concerning admission of certain persons to schools; tuition charges
§ 22.1-5.1
Organizations governing public school interscholastic programs; participation by students in military families
§ 22.1-6
Permitted fees and charges
§ 22.1-6.1
Menstrual supplies; availability; public elementary, middle, and high schools
§ 22.1-7
Responsibility of each state board, agency, and institution having children in residence or in custody
§ 22.1-7.1
Open school enrollment policy
§ 22.1-7.2
Enrollment for students residing on a military installation or in military housing