Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1212.
Submerged LandsSubmerged Lands
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  • Article 1.
    Ownership and Uses of Submerged Lands
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  • § 28.2-1200
    Ungranted beds of bays, rivers, creeks and shores of the sea to remain in common
    § 28.2-1200.1
    Conveyance of state-owned bottomlands
    § 28.2-1201
    Ungranted islands which rise from lands which are property of the Commonwealth
    § 28.2-1202
    Rights of owners to extend to mean low-water mark
    § 28.2-1203
    Unlawful use of subaqueous beds; penalty
    § 28.2-1204
    Authority of Commission over submerged lands
    § 28.2-1204.1
    Submerged aquatic vegetation
    § 28.2-1204.2
    Marine Habitat and Waterways Improvement Fund established
    § 28.2-1205
    Permits for the use of state-owned bottomlands
    § 28.2-1205.1
    Coordinated review of water resources projects
    § 28.2-1205.2
    Coordinated review of public beach replenishment projects using Chesapeake Bay sand; expedited process
    § 28.2-1206
    Fees; exemptions
    § 28.2-1207
    Authority to approve permits for encroachment on subaqueous beds; notice
    § 28.2-1208
    Granting easements in, permitting the use of, or leasing the beds of certain waters
    § 28.2-1209
    Maintenance or removal of structures erected upon or over state-owned subaqueous bottoms