Code of Virginia

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Chapter 13.
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  • Article 2.
    Wetlands Zoning Ordinance and Wetlands Boards
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  • § 28.2-1302
    Adoption of wetlands zoning ordinance; terms of ordinance
    § 28.2-1303
    Appointment, terms, compensation, etc., of local wetlands boards; jurisdiction of county wetlands board over wetlands in town
    § 28.2-1304
    Officers, meetings, rules, etc., of wetlands boards; records and reports
    § 28.2-1305
    Local governing body to supply meeting space and services for wetlands board
  • Article 3.
    Permits and Review
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  • § 28.2-1306
    Permits required for certain activities; issuance of permits by Commission
    § 28.2-1307
    Expedited permits; administrative procedures
    § 28.2-1308
    Standards for use and development of wetlands; utilization of guidelines
    § 28.2-1309
    Emergency sand grading activities on nonvegetated wetlands located on the Atlantic Shoreline of Virginia Beach
    § 28.2-1310
    Commissioner to review all decisions of wetlands boards
    § 28.2-1311
    When Commission to review decision of wetlands board
    § 28.2-1312
    Procedure for review; notice of decision
    § 28.2-1313
    When Commission to modify, remand, or reverse decision of wetlands board
    § 28.2-1314
    Time for issuance of permit
    § 28.2-1315
    Judicial review