Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
General Provisions
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  • Article 1.
    Powers and Duties
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  • § 28.2-200
    § 28.2-201
    Authority of Commission to make regulations, establish licenses, and prepare fishery management plans; accept federal grants; enforcement; penalty for violation of regulation
    § 28.2-201.1
    Commission to administer grants to individuals transferring oysters to a state-managed sanctuary; fund
    § 28.2-202
    Commissioner; fishery powers
    § 28.2-203
    Commission to prepare fishery management plans; standards
    § 28.2-203.1
    Blue crab fishery management plan
    § 28.2-204
    Authority to collect fisheries statistics
    § 28.2-204.1
    Limited sale of gear licenses and permits; regulations
    § 28.2-205
    Scientific collection permits; penalty
    § 28.2-206
    Virginia Saltwater Sport Fishing Tournament
    § 28.2-207
    Tournament Advisory Committee continued
    § 28.2-208
    Marine Fishing Improvement Fund continued
    § 28.2-208.1
    Commercial Fishing Advisory Board established
    § 28.2-208.2
    Menhaden Management Advisory Committee established
  • Article 5.
    Licensing Generally
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  • § 28.2-225
    Fishing license required; penalty
    § 28.2-226
    Exemptions from licensing requirements
    § 28.2-226.1
    Recreational gear license required
    § 28.2-226.2
    Commission to establish requirements for commercial gear licenses used for recreational purposes
    § 28.2-227
    Special nonresident harvester's license; fee and oath; revocation; penalty
    § 28.2-228
    Licenses for purchase of fish, shellfish, or marine organisms from the catcher; fee
    § 28.2-228.1
    Seafood landing licenses
    § 28.2-229
    When licenses terminate; proration and refund not permitted
    § 28.2-230
    Penalty for false statements or altering a fishing license; penalty
    § 28.2-231
    Exhibition of license; display to officers; penalty
    § 28.2-232
    Revocation of licenses
  • Article 6.
    Marking of Boats, Nets and Other Devices
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  • § 28.2-233
    License tags or identification generally
    § 28.2-234
    License tags and identification numbers to be fastened; penalty
    § 28.2-235
    Duty to apply for new tag in case of loss; penalty
    § 28.2-236
    Seizure of unmarked devices
    § 28.2-237
    Removal of abandoned pole or stake; revocation of licenses for failure to remove stakes
    § 28.2-238
    Concealing name or number of vessel; penalty
    § 28.2-239
    Exemptions from article
  • Article 8.
    Fishery Resource Grant Program
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  • § 28.2-245
    Fishery Resource Grant Fund established; purpose; Consortium to award grants
    § 28.2-246
    Fishery Resource Grant Advisory Board established; membership; duties
    § 28.2-247
    Graduate Marine Science Consortium to submit report