Code of Virginia

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Chapter 3.
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  • Article 2.
    Taking of Fish, Net, and Device Restrictions
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  • § 28.2-303
    Taking and sale of sturgeon prohibited; penalty
    § 28.2-304
    § 28.2-305
    Size of mesh and length and depth of certain nets; penalty
    § 28.2-306
    Use of certain fishing devices in certain waters; penalty
    § 28.2-307
    Length of fixed fishing device; gill nets; penalty
    § 28.2-308
    Setting of gill nets in oceanfront; penalty
    § 28.2-309
    Distance nets may extend across body of water or channel; prohibition; regulations; penalty
    § 28.2-310
    Trotline prohibited on ocean side of Eastern Shore; penalty
    § 28.2-311
    Chickahominy River in Charles City; penalty
    § 28.2-312
    Rappahannock River and certain of its tributaries; penalty
    § 28.2-313
    Killing fish by means of explosives, drugs, or poisons; possession; penalty
  • Article 3.
    Restrictions on Trawling
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  • § 28.2-314
    Trawl nets and drag nets prohibited; sale of fish; penalty
    § 28.2-315
    Fishing with trawl net within three-mile limit; license fee
    § 28.2-316
    Trawling boat not granted license for other fishing device; penalty
    § 28.2-317
    Prima facie evidence of violation; penalty
    § 28.2-318
    Exemption for certain trawling activity
    § 28.2-319
    Forfeiture of fishing gear, etc.