Code of Virginia

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Chapter 52.
Milk, Milk Products, and Dairies
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  • Article 1.
    General Provisions
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  • § 3.2-5200
    Duty of Commissioner to foster dairy industry
    § 3.2-5201
    Conformity with regulations of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Agriculture; compliance with Administrative Process Act
    § 3.2-5202
    Sale of products not subject to local supervision
    § 3.2-5203
    Importing of products
    § 3.2-5204
    Warning and punishment of persons using or furnishing impure milk
    § 3.2-5205
  • Article 2.
    Standards of Quality, Grading, and Sanitary Standards
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  • § 3.2-5206
    Board authorized to establish standards and adopt regulations; guidance of State Health Commissioner
    § 3.2-5207
    Powers and duties of Commissioner; obstruction unlawful
    § 3.2-5208
    Powers and duties of State Health Commissioner; obstruction unlawful
    § 3.2-5209
    § 3.2-5210
    Civil penalties
    § 3.2-5211
    Excessive drug residue; penalty
  • Article 3.
    Ice Cream and Similar Products
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  • § 3.2-5212
    Authority of Board to establish standards, adopt regulations
    § 3.2-5213
    Commissioner to enforce article; right of entry
    § 3.2-5214
    Permits; delegation of enforcement of article to State Health Commissioner for restaurants
    § 3.2-5215
    Detention of adulterated, misbranded products
    § 3.2-5216
    Condemnation of adulterated, misbranded products
    § 3.2-5217
  • Article 4.
    Babcock and Other Machine Tests
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  • § 3.2-5218
    § 3.2-5219
    No test or apparatus other than Babcock or other centrifugal machines to be used unless approved by Board
    § 3.2-5220
    Inspection of centrifugal machines and scales; condemnation
    § 3.2-5221
    Manipulators of machines to procure certificates; renewal of certificate; revocation by Commissioner
    § 3.2-5222
    To whom certificates issued
    § 3.2-5223
    Regulations governing applications for certificates; revocation by Board; standards and regulations
    § 3.2-5224
    Regulations governing equipment, standards and procedures
    § 3.2-5225
    Capacity of standard measurers
    § 3.2-5226
    Units for testing cream
    § 3.2-5227
    Sampling to determine butterfat by composite tests
    § 3.2-5228
    Test of measurers; inspection of machines and scales; right of entry
    § 3.2-5229
    False manipulation and reading of tests
    § 3.2-5230
    Tender of payment as evidence of test
    § 3.2-5231
    Commissioner to enforce article; persons exempt
    § 3.2-5232
    Obstructing Commissioner; violations of article
    § 3.2-5233
    Civil penalties