Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 30. General Assembly
Chapter 1. General Assembly and Officers Thereof

§ 30-14.1. Enrollment of act to codify the laws; printing and distribution.

The provisions of § 30-14, concerning the manner and method of enrollment of the acts of the General Assembly shall not apply to an act to codify the laws of the Commonwealth. In the case of such legislation the bill itself or a copy thereof, with all amendments to such bill, if any there be, incorporated therein, or with such amendments or copies thereof attached to or accompanying such bill or copy of such bill, shall be taken and preserved as the enrolled bill. If any such amendments are actually incorporated in the bill, or copy of the bill, they may be so incorporated in such manner and by such method as the Clerk of the House of Delegates deems most practicable, except that the Clerk shall not, in order to accomplish such incorporation, require the entire bill to be reprinted, or require any portion of the bill to be reprinted which is not affected by any amendment. Such bill or copy, with the amendments or copies of the amendments as a part of the bill or copy thereof, as made up by the Clerk in accordance with this section, shall be signed by the presiding officers of the Senate and House of Delegates and sent in such form to the Governor for his approval.

The Clerk of the House of Delegates, as Keeper of the Rolls of the Commonwealth, shall not be required to furnish to anyone a copy of an act to codify the laws of the Commonwealth, nor to prepare such an act for publication, nor to furnish to the Comptroller the manuscript of such an act, or any copy thereof. Nor shall the Clerk of the House of Delegates or the Comptroller be required to print, publish or distribute an act to codify the laws of the Commonwealth, as other acts and the joint resolutions of the General Assembly are printed, published or distributed; unless it should be provided in the act to codify the laws, as adopted, that some titles, chapters, articles or sections thereof shall take effect in advance of the remainder of the act, in which event such titles, chapters, articles, and sections of the act, with all amendments which affect them actually incorporated therein, shall be printed and distributed as are other acts of Assembly, but may be separately printed and bound. The Comptroller shall, however, cause to be done any printing that the Clerk of the House of Delegates requires to be done as a part of the process of incorporation of amendments to any bill to codify the laws of the Commonwealth.

1948, p. 587.

The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.