Code of Virginia

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Chapter 1.
General Assembly and Officers Thereof
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§ 30-1
Time and place of meeting of General Assembly
§ 30-2
Meeting at place appointed by Governor
§ 30-3
How convened in extra session
§ 30-4
Civil proceedings for or against members, clerks or clerks' assistants, or the Lieutenant Governor during session
§ 30-5
Continuance or time for filing pleading, etc., where party or attorney is connected with General Assembly or Division of Legislative Services
§ 30-6
Privilege of members, clerks and clerks' assistants, and Lieutenant Governor from arrest
§ 30-7
Members, clerks, assistants, etc., subject to arrest for criminal offenses
§ 30-8
Member must obey writ of habeas corpus
§ 30-9
Privilege of members for words spoken or written
§ 30-10
Attendance of witnesses; production of evidence
§ 30-11
Who to administer oaths to witnesses
§ 30-12
Duties of officers of each house
§ 30-13
Other duties of Clerk of House of Delegates; publication of proposed amendments to Constitution
§ 30-14
Clerk to be Keeper of the Rolls; other duties
§ 30-14.01
Certifying copy of act; fee
§ 30-14.1
Enrollment of act to codify the laws; printing and distribution
§ 30-14.2
Reenrollment of bills amended in accordance with recommendations of Governor
§ 30-14.3
Keeper of the Rolls authorized to correct typographical errors, etc., in legislation
§ 30-14.4
Deputy clerks of the House of Delegates; certification of acts and resolutions of the General Assembly and other records
§ 30-15
Index to Senate journal
§ 30-15.1
Deputy clerks of the Senate; certification of records
§ 30-15.1:1
Use of Senate armorial bearings; penalty
§ 30-15.2
Distribution of Code, supplements and replacement volumes to members of Senate
§ 30-16
Books and maps of committees; original bills
§ 30-16.1
Correction of misspellings in bills and resolutions already introduced
§ 30-17
Alteration, secretion or destruction of pending bills or resolutions
§ 30-18
§ 30-19
How Constitution amended
§ 30-19.01
§ 30-19.03
Estimates to be prepared for legislation affecting local government expenditures and revenues
§ 30-19.03:1
§ 30-19.03:1.2
Unemployment compensation bills affecting net revenues of the Commonwealth
§ 30-19.03:1.3
Evaluations to be prepared for legislation increasing or beginning regulation of an occupation
§ 30-19.03:2
Legislative summaries
§ 30-19.04
§ 30-19.05
§ 30-19.1
§ 30-19.1:2
§ 30-19.1:3
§ 30-19.1:4
Increase in terms of imprisonment or commitment; fiscal impact statements; appropriations for operating costs
§ 30-19.1:5
§ 30-19.1:6
§ 30-19.1:7
Bills related to the Virginia Retirement System; impact statements
§ 30-19.1:8
§ 30-19.1:9
Duration of state boards and commissions
§ 30-19.1:10
§ 30-19.1:11
Legislation that creates or renews tax credits
§ 30-19.1:12
Executive orders; impact statements by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission
§ 30-19.1:13
Racial and ethnic impact statements for criminal justice legislation
§ 30-19.2
Inspection of certain state facilities by, or orientation for, members and future members of the General Assembly
§ 30-19.3
Prefiling of bills and resolutions
§ 30-19.4
Secretaries and administrative assistants for officers and members of General Assembly; staff personnel for standing committees
§ 30-19.5
Supervisory control of Division of Legislative Services
§ 30-19.6
§ 30-19.7
§ 30-19.8
Collection of information by legislative study groups; policy
§ 30-19.8:1
Due dates for legislative reports
§ 30-19.8:2
Absences on legislative commissions
§ 30-19.9
Distribution of information on proposed constitutional amendments to voters
§ 30-19.10
Distribution of information on proposed questions to be submitted to voters