Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 32.1. Health
Chapter 8. Postmortem Examinations and Services

§ 32.1-292.2. The Virginia Donor Registry.

A. In order to save lives by reducing the shortage of organs and tissues for transplantation and to implement cost savings for patients and various state agencies by eliminating needless bureaucracy, there is hereby established the Virginia Donor Registry (hereinafter referred to as the Registry), which shall be created, compiled, operated, maintained, and modified as necessary by the Virginia Transplant Council in accordance with the regulations of the Board of Health and the administration of the Department of Health. At its sole discretion, the Virginia Transplant Council may contract with a third party or parties to create, compile, operate, maintain or modify the Registry. Pertinent information on all Virginians who have indicated a willingness to donate organs and tissues in accordance with the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (§ 32.1-291.1 et seq.) shall be compiled, maintained, and modified as necessary in the Registry by the Virginia Transplant Council.

B. The Registry and all information therein shall be confidential and subject to access only by personnel of the Department of Health and designated organ procurement organizations, eye banks, and tissue banks, operating in or serving Virginia that are members of the Virginia Transplant Council, for the purpose of identifying and determining the suitability of a potential donor according to the provisions of subdivision B 4 of § 32.1-127 or subsection G of § 46.2-342.

C. The purpose of the Registry shall include, but not be limited to:

1. Providing a means of recovering an anatomical gift for transplantation, therapy, education or research as authorized by the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (§ 32.1-291.1 et seq.) and subsection G of § 46.2-342; and

2. Collecting data to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of educational initiatives promoting organ, eye, and tissue donation that are conducted or coordinated by the Virginia Transplant Council or its members.

D. The Board, in consultation with the Virginia Transplant Council, shall promulgate regulations necessary to create, compile, operate, maintain, modify as necessary, and administer the Virginia Donor Registry. The regulations shall include, but not be limited to:

1. Recording the data subject's full name, address, sex, birth date, age, driver's license number or unique identifying number, and other pertinent identifying personal information;

2. Authorizing the Virginia Transplant Council to analyze Registry data under research protocols that are designed to identify and assess the effectiveness of mechanisms to promote and increase organ, eye, and tissue donation within the Commonwealth; and

3. Providing that any Virginian whose name has been placed in the registry may have his name deleted by filing an appropriate form with the Virginia Transplant Council or in accordance with the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (§ 32.1-291.1 et seq.).

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The chapters of the acts of assembly referenced in the historical citation at the end of this section may not constitute a comprehensive list of such chapters and may exclude chapters whose provisions have expired.