Code of Virginia

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Code of Virginia
Title 32.1. Health

Chapter 8. Postmortem Examinations and ServicesRead Chapter

  • Article 1. Chief Medical Examiner and Postmortem ExaminationsRead all
  • § 32.1-277
    Office of the Chief Medical Examiner; central and district offices and facilities
    § 32.1-278
    Appointment and qualifications of Chief Medical Examiner
    § 32.1-279
    Duties of Chief Medical Examiner; teaching legal medicine
    § 32.1-280
    § 32.1-281
    Commissioner may obtain additional services and facilities
    § 32.1-282
    Medical examiners
    § 32.1-282.1
    Per diem medicolegal death investigators
    § 32.1-283
    Investigation of deaths; obtaining consent to removal of organs, etc.; fees
    § 32.1-283.1
    State Child Fatality Review Team; membership; access to and maintenance of records; confidentiality; etc.
    § 32.1-283.2
    Local and regional child fatality review teams established; membership; authority; confidentiality; immunity
    § 32.1-283.3
    Family violence fatality review teams established; model protocol and data management; membership; authority; confidentiality, etc.
    § 32.1-283.4
    Confidentiality of certain information and records collected and maintained by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
    § 32.1-283.5
    Adult Fatality Review Team; duties; membership; confidentiality; penalties; report; etc.
    § 32.1-283.6
    Local and regional adult fatality review teams established; membership; authority; confidentiality; immunity
    § 32.1-284
    § 32.1-285
    § 32.1-285.1
    Death of infants under eighteen months of age; autopsies required; definition of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
    § 32.1-286
    § 32.1-287
    § 32.1-288