Code of Virginia

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Chapter 38.
New River Valley Passenger Rail Station Authority
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§ 33.2-3800
§ 33.2-3801
Findings; purpose; governmental function
§ 33.2-3802
Creation of the authority
§ 33.2-3803
Board of the authority
§ 33.2-3804
Office of authority; title to property
§ 33.2-3805
Powers of the authority
§ 33.2-3806
Donations to authority; remittance of tax revenue
§ 33.2-3807
Revenue sharing agreements
§ 33.2-3808
Applicability of land use regulations
§ 33.2-3809
Bond issues; contesting validity of bonds
§ 33.2-3810
Investment in bonds
§ 33.2-3811
Bonds exempt from taxation
§ 33.2-3812
Tax revenues of the Commonwealth or any other political subdivisions not pledged
§ 33.2-3813
Forms of accounts and records; audit of same
§ 33.2-3814
Tort liability
§ 33.2-3815
Dissolution of authority
§ 33.2-3816
Chapter liberally construed