Code of Virginia

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Chapter 6.
Ferries and Toll Facilities
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§ 33.2-600
Acquisition or establishment of ferries
§ 33.2-601
Ferry across Corrotoman River
§ 33.2-602
Toll bridges; when privilege ceases
§ 33.2-603
Toll bridges not to obstruct navigation or fish
§ 33.2-604
How right to demand tolls ascertained and rates fixed or changed
§ 33.2-605
Special police officers in connection with toll bridges
§ 33.2-606
Permission required to erect or maintain toll bridges over navigable water
§ 33.2-607
Approval of plans by Board; inspection; costs
§ 33.2-608
Toll bridges may be purchased by Commonwealth
§ 33.2-609
Conveyance of toll bridge by Commonwealth
§ 33.2-610
Sections 33.2-606 through 33.2-609 not applicable to certain toll bridges
§ 33.2-611
Tolls may vary to encourage travel during off-peak hours
§ 33.2-612
Unlawful for Department of Transportation to permit free passage over certain toll bridges and ferries; exceptions
§ 33.2-613
Free use of toll facilities by certain state officers and employees; penalties
§ 33.2-614
Disclosure of certain information relating to use of toll facilities; injunctive relief; attorney fees
§ 33.2-615
Electronic notification of unpaid tolls
§ 33.2-616
Electronic toll collection device; DRIVE SMART Virginia Education Fund contribution