Code of Virginia

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Chapter 2.
Homestead Exemption of Householder
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§ 34-4
Exemption created
§ 34-4.1
Additional exemption for certain veterans
§ 34-4.2
Additional exemption for parents of dependent children
§ 34-5
To what debts exemptions shall not apply
§ 34-6
How exemption of real estate secured; form to claim exemption of real property
§ 34-7
Real estate, subject to encumbrances, may be set apart; if sold, how surplus disposed of
§ 34-8
Partition or sale of real estate held as exempt by joint tenant, etc.
§ 34-9
How real estate set apart as exempt may be encumbered or aliened
§ 34-10
§ 34-13
Householder may set apart exemption in personal estate
§ 34-14
How set apart in personal estate; form to claim exemption of personal property
§ 34-15
§ 34-17
When exemption may be set apart; garnished wages
§ 34-18
Rents and profits exempt; increase in value of estate set apart
§ 34-19
How excess in value set apart subjected to debts
§ 34-20
Proceeds of sale of estate exempt; how evidenced
§ 34-21
When householder's right to exemption is exhausted
§ 34-22
Waiver of exemption; its effect; form of waiver
§ 34-23
How claim enforced when exemption waived, etc.
§ 34-24
When the exemption ceases; lien of judgment or decree against householder
§ 34-25
When homestead waived judgments and executions to so state