Code of Virginia

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Chapter 21.
Fire Insurance Policies
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§ 38.2-2100
Application of chapter
§ 38.2-2101
Policies shall conform to provisions of this chapter
§ 38.2-2102
Excluding loss or damage caused by nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation, or radioactive contamination
§ 38.2-2103
Information to be printed on policy
§ 38.2-2104
Standard insuring agreement for fire insurance policies
§ 38.2-2105
Standard provisions, conditions, stipulations and agreements for such policies
§ 38.2-2106
Standard form for execution of policies
§ 38.2-2107
Commission may establish guidelines for filing readable fire insurance policy forms
§ 38.2-2108
Standards for content of fire insurance policies
§ 38.2-2108.1
Commercial fire insurance policies; changes to amount of coverage
§ 38.2-2109
Execution of policies
§ 38.2-2110
Other matter permitted in the policy
§ 38.2-2111
Special regulations to be added to policy
§ 38.2-2112
Temporary insurance contracts; duration; what deemed to include
§ 38.2-2113
Mailing or electronic delivery of notice of cancellation or refusal to renew
§ 38.2-2114
Grounds and procedure for termination of policy; contents of notice; review by Commissioner; exceptions; immunity from liability
§ 38.2-2114.1
Powers of Commission; replacement policies
§ 38.2-2115
Discrimination in issuance of fire insurance
§ 38.2-2116
Policies issued by two or more insurers
§ 38.2-2117
Approval of forms or provisions for additional coverage
§ 38.2-2118
Required statement on insurance policies for owner-occupied dwellings
§ 38.2-2119
Approval of forms or provisions for certain risks
§ 38.2-2120
Optional coverage to be offered with homeowner's policy
§ 38.2-2121
When courts may appoint umpires
§ 38.2-2122
Appraisers and umpires; oath to be taken
§ 38.2-2123
Chapter not applicable to certain mutual insurers
§ 38.2-2124
Optional coverage to be offered with fire insurance policy
§ 38.2-2125
Notice regarding flood exclusion
§ 38.2-2126
Insurance credit score disclosure; use of credit information
§ 38.2-2127
Notice of change in deductible
§ 38.2-2128
Certain exclusions permitted
§ 38.2-2129
Notice regarding earthquake exclusion
§ 38.2-2130
Coverage for volunteer fire department costs